Celebrity Deaths 2019




I only knew all that because I am a massive MJF fan.


Did you like him in Class of ‘84? :wink:


I liked him in pretty much everything. Family Ties was always on, never missed it. Spin City with him was brilliant imo.

This might sound strange but my favourite film is a toss-up between The Concierge (Known in America as For Love Or Money I believe), Teen Wolf or Doc Hollywood.

I also have enjoyed re-watching The Secret of My Success, it’s corny but cute and he keeps the film together.


I thought it was an actor’s equity thing: there was already a Michael A Fox. (Like Icey said…)



Looks like it ain’t true.

Is there a better trilogy than BTTF? Didn’t think so.


A few, yes


This thread seems to have missed Darius Perkins (the original Scott Robinson from Neighbours).

For completeness he went on 2 Jan, aged 54.


Is Class of 84 that dystopian vision of the future where punk teenagers rule the world?


Ruling the world is stretching it a little, but I think that’s the bunny you’re after.

B Grade schlock, but very good for all that.
Amazing death scenes.


I hate punk teenagers.


These ones weren’t very nice at all.
Michael Fox was much nicer.


How about teenage punks?


Another Troma classic, Diggers. I remember (my Mum) renting it (for my bro & I) back in the 80s.


RIP Chris Wilson - one of great harmonica players, with an under-rated voice too!

Many years ago I was lucky enough to have an encounter with the great man…

He was having a beer in the pub where my buddy Simon was playing a lazy Sunday afternoon residency (for which I was doing the sound). Chris mentioned to the barman “would it be OK to get up and have a play?” This was relayed to Simon, who of course eagerly acquiesced (I mean, does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?)

Next thing Chris fkn Wilson is up there on stage blowing-up a storm and elevating half-a-dozen of my buddy’s humble offerings into the stratosphere, despite never having heard them before in his life. So transfixed were we all that I’d neglected my 8-track Portastudio plugged into the mixing desk, and had forgotten to press record. So, while the first song was missed, I still have the remainder on tape for posterity.

A great man… this is just one of many Australian tracks he lent his undisputed talent to…


I didn’t even know he was unwell.
Short Cool Ones was a surprisingly good album.


Yeah, pancreatic cancer apparently. There was a benefit gig for him in the second half of last year.


Damn, only just found out on the weekend that he was ill. Made a big impression on me in this band when I first started going to pub gigs:


Windsor Davies , Sargeant Major from It Aint half hot Mum. Geeze i must have watched alot of that show back in the 70s.
For those who didn`t see it when it aired , this was as funny a show as you would see back then. Every episode was comedy gold.



Oh dear, how sad, never mind.