Celebrity Deaths 2019


Going to safely assume someone has already posted ‘hitler reacts to bruno’s death’ video


Prince Leonard was kind enough to send Jnr diggers #1 some Hutt River currency for a project he was doing in primary school. Got top marks, too. One of Australia’s great quiet subversives.


So sad to hear that. A really strong actor. There is a Hitler rant parody tribute on youtube here ;

He even acted in a film with Columbo . Remember him ?


That was the classic Wim Wenders movie Wings of Desire, where Peter Falk recognised who (or what) Bruno Ganz’s character was. It was remade as City of Angels with Nicolas Cage playing the part of the angel and Meg Ryan as his desired woman.

I saw him in another good movie where he played a stoic East German communist on his 90th birthday, where you could see the regime was starting to fall apart. In Times of Fading Light in English. SBS On Demand.


Thanks Mr . Noonan ,i`ll have a look at that. There are good actors and there are brilliant actors.
Bruno was the later.


More iconic than celebrity but the fellow in the “kissing sailor” photo taken on VJ Day in 1945 has died aged 95.



Lol. She had zero chance of getting out of that embrace without putting out.


The “easy one” would have taken about 5 nanoseconds.





And he made such nice beer!


Hey hey hey , Were`re the Monkees. Peter Tork, the guitarist in the 1960s pop group the Monkees, died today at the age of 77, He had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a decade ago.


RIP Mr Tork


One of the scumbags who raped, tortured and murdered Anita Cobby has died in prison. May he rot in hell.


There is no Hell but I get the sentiment.


And the law needs to change re: holding a coronial inquest into his death (from natural causes). We shouldn’t have to waste any more taxpayer’s money on such filth. Burn his corpse & bin the ashes.


His condition has been classified as Satisfactory


I wouldn’t have thought this will be an expensive, or long, coronial inquest. Will just look at the medical records, maybe perform an autopsy (unlikely given that disease progression will have been tracked), and sign off that there was no fault of the state.


Define ‘expensive’. More than a buck? :wink: