Celebrity Deaths 2019


Was it his mum that invented Liquid Paper?


Mike Naismith


Ah thanks AN10 I knew it was one of them




Very underrated comedian. Openly honest about his life struggles with his bipolar disorder and a very well respected member of the comedy scene.


Merda! For a moment I thought Patton Oswalt had died.

And Patton is a funny name.


If reports are to be believed, RIP Mark Hollis of Talk Talk.
Spirit Of Eden and Colour Of Spring are two of the greatest albums ever. Not a single wasted note…


A minor celebrity outside ski jumping, a major celebrity inside, best known to the broader public most recently as the guy who was the opposite of Michael Edwards in the film Eddie the Eagle, died earlier this month. Once described as the finest jumper of all time with some still holding that view, he had a checkered life after his sporting career was over. Not a nice guy in a lot of ways but an interesting life none the less.


A guy who abused his wife over many years and tried to kill her and other people. He was scum.


He was complex, not perfect. But as a jumper he came very close.



Andre Previn went to heaven,
a little before noon.
St.Peter said
You’re not quite dead.
Come back this afternoon.

Spike Milligan.

Vale both genii.


Veteran journalist Mike Willesee has died age 76


That’s a shame. He had a very distinguishable style. Two Willesee interviews stand out. the first, his interview with J Hewson and secondly, that live interview with a hostage taker. I reckon he let the story get the better of him that day and he put his own interests ahead of the those of the hostage. These and when he turned up p*ssed to host A Current Affair. It was the only episode in the sorry history of that tabloid caca that was ever worth watching. Afterwards he went all weird with his documentaries on Catholic miracles. Lost all credits in the bank after those. Sad news. He was good.


hahaha…I remember that! I was like wtaf???


It was great. Shame it doesn’t seem to be available to stream anymore.


One I recall was when some shy and retiring guy was abducted by a woman in the States and sexually assaulted. One of them was a bible-basher - I don’t recall which.

Someone queried Willesee how it could have happened. Willesee suggested he must have been scared stiff.


Another memorable interview was when Bette Midler pulled a curly hair out of her mouth and wonder how it got there. He almost choked with laughter.


Mike Willisee was a conniving two faced turd. No sorrow from me.


The early years of A Current Affair were fine, and they ran serious current affair stories. They interviewed the Prime Minister of the day and ministers. It seemed viewers (or the station producers thought so) didn’t want this type of news and preferred their current affairs all lite and frothy. Shame on us for not wanting to know what our PM has to say.

Willesee was good and provided a mix of the serious story with the occasional general interest story and humorous ones like having Sir Les Patterson on. He ■■■■■■ himself when Sir Les was on and on fire.