Celebrity Deaths 2020

Ditto with my Dad who was born in 1921.

Not really. I know enough about it to form a view as to why a certain audience would like a show like Heartbeat.

Is Diggers ruining another thread?


I’ve seen it mentioned that N Farage once said that Heartbeat was a favourite of his. Nigel has particular tastes.

Just like football, you continue to comment on something you know nothing about. I suspect Farage is one of your heroes.

You’ve got to admit this is a long bow. You could pretty much stack this argument about nearly any TV show that references anything pre 2000’s. To illustrate my point, the tone of your posts goes something like, like Heartbeat? Probably a racist. Like Happy days? Probably a racist. Like Bewitched? Might be a bit racist? Like Gilligan’s Island? That coul dbe considered a little bit racist.

I get where you’re coming from in that, these shows depict an era where representation was non existent and the presentation of the social fabric on TV was a big fat dream land, but enjoying the shows does not imply that you wish for a return to the way things were. In my opinion a lot of the content of these shows could be played out in Utopia in the instance of YPM or YM. I don’t think it’s an easy argument to make, to imply that because i enjoy Utopia, which has a virtually zero good representation of minority groups (the only non anglo person I can think of in it, in a recurring role is the receptionist). that I am therefore a racist.

I hope I haven’t offended you with this post. I don’t think you’re a bad person, I just find your argument a bit reactionary and probably not thought out as well as you can do.

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It was pathetic. Actor dies, so let’s focus on that fact he acted in a show that is too whitewashed. What that has to do with the actor passing, who was a good actor. is beyond anyone.


Pretty sure Dilruk is in Utopia.
Actually, they do an episode about a Christmas card that doesn’t offend any of the twenty different cultures that work there?
Not the best example.

Anyway, drive-by correction…

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It’s hard to offend me. Some others on here though… You’d think they might have been deliberately misrepresented again and again in popular culture or something. You know, turned on the tv to find yet another program indulging in stereotypes to suit a different target audience at their expense. It must give them the sh+ts. Having said that, as I haven’t lived ‘your’ experience, I should know better than to presume you’re just overly sensitive but rather, your response to shows like ‘Heartbeat’ are due things that I have no understanding of because, and this is some revelation, I haven’t experienced things like you have…

I’m not sure I get what you’ve written here. Unless it’s a tongue in cheek stab at me or the way I wrote my post?

Diggers, you’ve got even weirder this summer…that’s a pretty good effort.

Maybe you should just focus on Serena for a week or two. Speaking of which, did you bid the dress she was auctioning off?

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Americana singer and songwriter David Olney, whose music was recorded by Linda Ronstadt, Steve Young, Emmylou Harris and others, died of an apparent heart attack while performing on stage in Florida Saturday, according to a statement on his website. He was 71.

Olney stopped in the middle of a song and paused, said “I’m sorry,” and “put his chin to his chest,” said fellow singer-songwriter Scott Miller, who was performing with Olney at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa Beach.

“He never dropped his guitar or fell (off) his stool,” Miller wrote on Facebook. “It was as easy and gentle as he was.”

I’d actually missed this. Thanks, IT.

Christopher was vital to much of the Tolkien legacy, his sorting and editing of The Silmarillion showed that his father had envisaged a world of far more depth, prosaic structure and “history” than even TLOTR had hinted at. In some ways, that book was JRR’s finest work, imo, despite never officially being finished .


Wow. Hadn’t heard this. Surprised it didn’t get more press. Very sad.

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People still get baited by Diggers. He is a ■■■■■■■ troll, just ignore him.


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It doesn’t read like trolling. And he hasn’t responded to me asking for clarification. In my experience, asking for clarification would have been met with more trolling to paint me properly into the dunce hat corner, but he hasn’t done that. I feel like the tone is sarcasm, but I honestly don’t understand what he’s written there.

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He intentionally says provocative things just to get people to respond to him. He is a troll


Sounds like it’s working

Agree with this. One of the 3 best sitcom scripts to ever come out of England (along with Minder and Fawlty Towers).

My favourite scene was from Doing the Honours…

What has Sir Arnold to fear? He has all the honours he could want.

  • He has his “G”.
  • “G”? - You get your “G” after your “K”.
  • You speak in riddles.
    First you get the CMG, then the KCMG and the GCMG, the Command of the Order of St Michael and St George, Knight Grand Cross of St George.
    In the service, CMG stands for “Call Me God”.
    And KCMG for “Kindly Call Me God”.
    And GCMG? “God Calls Me God”.

But l digress.


Not a recent death, but Comrade Lenin died this day in 1924