Celebrity Deaths 2020

David Stern - Former NBA Commissioner.

Love him or hate him, he did a hell of a lot for the NBA in terms of globalising the brand


Don Larsen, who pitched the only perfect game in the World Series in 1956, has died of oesophageal cancer at the age of 90.

I believe frank drebin controversially struck him out in the late 80s.


Vale Tom Long.
Just point the dish to the moon. :cry:


Derek Fowlds of Yes Minister, Heartbeat dead at 82 from pneumonia

I loved Yes Minister, brilliant show.


I knew of the show(s) but can’t say I’ve watched any. Especially Heartbeat. I believe it was quite popular with racists and those who longed to go back to a time when the only darkies you’d find amongst all the fine white people were the hired help or they were being hunted down and locked up. I can see why a show like that would last so long on British tv.

That’s a truly bizarre post.


Diggers has finally lost his sanity.

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Quite sad news regarding Derek (Bernard). But 82 is a good knock, I’ll be happy to make it that far.

Yes, Minister was one of the best written Tv shows, ever, imo. And all three main actors were perfect in their roles. All three now passed on.


Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister was some of the most brilliant TV …ever!

Heartbeat to me was just a mixture of All Creatures and The Bill. Never bothered.

I find a lot of British TV goes the other way, with sub-continental people and West Indian people taking significant part in period dramas, way before the mass immigration started after the war. Like the Indian guy playing Thenardier in the Dominic West serialisation of Les Miserables.


Get nicked, @Diggers. YM and YPM were and are still amazing, and basically being a third of that (due apologies to the writers) is an everlasting pass to immortality.


Pretty sure he was talking about Heartbeat being a comfy cushion to cuddle and remind of a better time before all those foreigners came along, with citations of Mind Your Language and…whatever that other thing was…All In The Family or something, and tbh a little bit The Goodies…and not anything about YM at all?

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Still a King Richard of a post, for this topic.

Not arguing the whether, just the why.

You must be a fan of Heartbeat.

So you comment on a show you have not watched. Heartbeat had no racism, just a pleasant pommy show.

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The point wasn’t that it was racist.
It was that it had less people of colour than 3AW.
Again, I have no dog in this fight, but play fair.


The fact was that it was rural England in the fifties.

Percentage of coloured people out in the country was probably less than .01%.


Not at all. Seen very little.

But “I believe it appeals to racists…” is…weird…at best. Especially for something you claim not to have seen.


My Dad was born in the 30’s and when caring for him he used to love it, I would watch it with him, looking back makes complete sense, sets the tone for era he was used too.

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