Celebrity Deaths 2022

Sidney Poitier — who broke racial barriers as the first black winner of the best actor Oscar and inspired a generation during the civil rights movement — has died aged 94.


All class was Mr. Poitier.


What a man … what a film and song.
RIP Sidney Poitier


I watched To Sir with Love a few weeks ago was on Fox Classics.

Loved Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner and In The Heat of The Night

R.I.P. Sydney Poitier


To Sir with Love. One of my favourite all time films. Still moves me every time I hear the song.
RIP Sidney.


RIP :frowning:

That’s a bit sad. If I get to 94 though, I’ll be pretty pleased.

Director Peter Bogdanovich


Golfer, Bob Shearer, has putted out on the 18th for the last time and gone to the “19th hole in the sky”.

Age 73.


I went to the same high school as BobShearer, he was 4 years ahead of me.

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You must have got held back a few times then, because he was 74.

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Comedian and actor Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner in the famous sitcom Full House, has died age 65.

oh wow

Well that’s some more ■■■■ news :cry:

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This year can get in the bin with the last two

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Very sad, many will remember Bob as an actor on a very average sitcom. But those whom love comedy would know he was a very well respected stand up comedian first, and a surprise to many, rolled very blue.

He was hilarious in many podcasts he would frequent and was known to be an extremely kind and friendly champion to up and coming comedians. Respected as an equal among many of the “big hitters” in the comedic world. This loss will hit the industry hard, much like Norms loss.


Wtf. That’s sooo sad :frowning:

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The world is a lesser place without these two.

The look on Saget’s face is priceless. “That’s offensive but I can’t be angry because it’s ■■■■■■■ funny”


That one’s a bit of a surprise. I’d guess it was probably a heart attack.

It’s always kind of been hard to take him seriously because of his most well-known role, but you can tell a lot about him just based on what all of his peers are saying today.

I think the Full House thing actually served him well because it made his real comedic personality a lot more shocking, and thus more effective.

The guy made bank.

Full House & America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Then was the narrator for How I Met Your Mother.

Had a very successful career.

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