Censored Words


■■■■■ flaps


We still can’t talk about the man rated as #1 Champion of Essendon, ■■■■ Reynolds.



Nork seems to be ok.








Willy ■■■■


Has dean ■■■■ picked his car up yet?


My suggestion for the Game of Thrones thread was to have the swear filter default to “Hodor”. Is this possible?

If not, ■■■■ right off.


Hodor’s dead meat, George. So is DI¢K REYNOLDS, I suppose.

Fornicating bastards.

Interesting: the singular of bastards is filtered out, but not the plural.





OK…any word with a following character, such as a bracket, gets through the filter.

Hopefully this power never falls into the hands of the dark side.


Not any character - only one. It’s only the closing parenthesis that will work, and then only following the word.

For example:

Dick) Reynolds is a Champion of Essendon, winning three Brownlow medals and playing over 300 games - a then-VFL record.

Is the person who made this swear filter a )■■■■ or a (■■■■ head?

We should be able to read Dick) Reynold’s name. Censoring it out is disrespectful of the great man.




Can’t use a girls name that rhymes with granny ■■■■■






Blitz swear filter bought to you by the Taliban.