#cg2018 Sally's Pearson off


Yeah, could be. I have no idea about how he acclimatised, but I do know the the Northern Hemisphere has had a brutally cold winter, I hope he gave himself enough time fir his body to adapt. A lot of hamstrings went ‘ping’ on the athletics track.


He could also have overdone it and overcompensated re. fuel. It’s a fine line sometimes.


kurt fearnely is a unit. what an absolute legend.


That speech gave me cancer.


Seven presenters having a MASSIVE tanty after the end of the closing ceremony. Makes the Worsfold thread look calm and considered.





■■■■ off basil, those dumb ■■■■■ ran a ■■■■■■■ marathon this morning and should be on iv drops and psych eval’d


The sport part of the Games was great and well done, but the Opening-Closing Ceremony was reap what you so stuff

Virtue signalling + full on SJW mode = unwatchable crap


C7 knew and had footage of entry into stadium, but timing clashed with MKR.




Of course they did. It was all a reaction to the socia media meltdown. They can all get ■■■■■■.


Sickening. As if those two idiots would do that of their own accord. Damage control is all that is. ■■■■ them


Now Griggs is getting very personal in her attack on Tracey Holmes, re-opening some old wounds. If she thought Holmes reporting was incorrect,
( she called it “dubious”) why did she not simply address the alleged inaccuracies?
Any ABC reporter is fair game, except if they get into bed with Fairfax in their investigations.


Jo Griggs has enormous shoulders. Would annihilate Holmes.


Tracey must be having a laugh after the way she and Stan Grant were treated, while Warner remains head of C7 after the Amber Harrison affair. She has corrected Grigg’s accusation that she was sacked by C7, suggesting that Griggs talk to her boss or Tracey’s lawyer.
Facts beat bull any day.





Wish my kitchen retards would die in a fire.