Champions League 2020/21

The groups were drawn for the CL overnight. Don’t see any real “group of death” amongst that lot.

They’re all groups of death if you’re average.

I was just hoping we’ve avoid Atletico Madrid, so I’m happy in that respect! Ajax and Atalanta are decent opponents, but we should still get through the group stages.

Ajax 2 years ago would have been a challenge. They’re not at that level this year. Atalanta should hopefully give you a good run.

All the English teams bar United should get through. I can’t see United beating PSG and Leipzig on current form.

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United will be lucky to get out of that group

Happy with that. Inter won’t be easy but Real Madrid should go into that group with confidence.

Now if only Hazard could stop getting injured.


Already being termed, the G Of D.

Man U, 5-3-2 formation, Telles and Tuanzebe start, zebra strip not that bad.

Martial wins a penalty, Fernadez flufs it but gets another chance as Navas was off his line, 1-0 Utd.

Blatant pen against the run of play. Lovely through ball from Shaw. Navas came well off his line so justified to get another crack at it

Martial scores, for PSG.

Now they are on the attack

Nice goal

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Neymar wouldn’t want to see the replay of that. Was not even interested in defending

Best United performance in a long time. Crucial win in the hardest group

Played well all over the park.

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Not a fan

Oh United won’t make it the.