Changes for next week, month or year. Who knows really

So without VFL we can make the changes thread now, but it’s really hard for the fringe 22 blokes to put their hand up without a game.

For mine McKenna is too good to miss and should come in. Probably takes Guelfis spot. I know others are itching to drop Zaka instead.

Must bring in a forward/ruck, I know they are saying Smack will be right, but I doubt it.

So in McKenna, Phillips
Out: Guelfi, Lav

Let’s hope we get round 2 next week.


In: McKenna, McKernan,
Out: Guelfi, Laverde


Out: Bellchambers, Zaharakis, Laverde
In: Phillips, McKenna, McKernan


Goodbye Laverde it’s been nice
Hope you find your paradise

Hurley out suspended you would think

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Good point, I’d forgotten about that.

out - zaka, belly,
in- ham, phillips

also have to get McKenna in, dunno how we do that

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Is this will or should?

I think Hurley will be okay.
High, in play, low impact, or whatevs.
And who do we really have to replace him?
Stewart? McBride?

In: Phillips, McKenna
Out: Bellchambers, Zaharakis

I’d consider Smack for Laverde.
Not married to it, though.

In: Hams
Out: Guelfi.

We know that there will be no changes. McKenna, Phillips, and Ham will be left to stagnate until about Round 7.
Conservative selection will continue to cripple Essendon.

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Out: 2020 - been supremely disappointing and just makes me nervous/anxious every time he has the ball

In: 2021 - new recruit, untested, but he couldn’t be worse than 2020 right? Right?


In Phillips, Ham, McKenna, McKernan
Out Bellchambers, Zaharakis, Guelfi, Laverde

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No changes for mine and disappointed that wasn’t mentioned earlier


Is this McKernan has pneumonia thing legit? If so he ain’t playing for a while yet.

If so I’d bring in Phillips or Stewart for lav, maybe both and drop tbell too.

We need to get McKenna in some how. Guelfi or zaka for him. Maybe Fanta I guess and play Conor fwd.

If Hurley gets himself suspended (I think he might get away with a fine) it really does leave us short with there. Probably gleeson but I would rule out debuting McBride


Meanwhile Swans look pretty good here. I don’t think I can handle watching Kennedy and Parker boss us around while Naismith dominates tbell, I’d rather they call of the season

I’ll go out on a limb and suggest Phillips comes in for Belly. Oh, and the Irish needs a spot.

Out: Bellchambers, Laverde & Guelfi
In: Phillips, McKernan & McKenna

B: Francis BZT Saad
HB: McKenna Hurley Redman
C: Langford Shiel Cutler
HF: Walla Stringer Smith
F: Townsend McKernan Fantasia
R: Phillips McGrath Merrett

I/C: Parish, Ridley, Snelling & Zaharakis


Is Stewart ready? Also probably a big ask to be the sole true forward after so long away and no seconds games

Sydney could beat us lol. wouldn’t surprised tbh.

Out: Lav, Fantasia & Belly (Hurley suspended?)

In: Stewart, McKenna & Phillips

McKernan was in hospital yesterday, he won’t be playing.