Changes for Port Adelaide Rd11 2022

Gurge if another thread didn’t see it.
Geez we are down in the dumps a bit 4:40pm on a sunday will be a low crowd and probably easy not to bother watching and have tea instead

Out: Redman (suspended for 1 week), Smith Cannon, Cutler, Guelfi (hammy),
In: Wanganeen, Jones, Ridley, Brand (Debut)

b: Kelly Brand Laverde
hb: Ridley Reid Hind
c: McGrath Hobbs Martin
hf: Francis Jones Merrett
f: Waterman Wright Wanganeen
R: Draper Parish Perkins
int: Durham. Shiel, Bryan, Heppell
Sub: Ham
Emg: Ham, Cutler, McBride, Phillips

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I hope we get beaten so badly, we have no choice but to conduct an External Review.


I’m laughing at the fact none of us cared to make this thread until now. Having said that:

No changes for mine.


I wouldn’t play Jones this week. Give him another week in the 2nds and then let him loose against the bloos.
Play Francis again so he can show port Adelaide what they are getting next yr with there 5th round pick


Out: Redman, Smith, Cutler
In: McDonagh, Wanganeen, Ridley, (+ Hird sub)

Also what was wrong with Guelfi?

Hammy for Guelfi

The coaches realised they forgot about Tex.


Out: Heppell
In: an actual leader

I couldn’t really give a stuff. The club is dying and I most likely won’t be wasting my Sunday arvo watching us either


Ok since Guelfi also out, let’s make it:

Out: Redman, Smith, Cutler, Guelfi
In: McDonagh, Wanganeen, Ridley, Hird (Ham sub)

Does Ridley have the spicy cough or just close contact?

OUT: Redman, Waterman, Smith, Guelfi, Cutler (SUB)
IN: Ridley, Stewart, Wanga, Caldwell, Jones


Francis Reid Kelly
Ridley Lav Hind
Merrett Shiel Durham
Martin Stewart Perkins
Jones 2MP Wanga

Draper Parish McGrath

Bench: Caldwell Hobbs Heppell Bryan
SUB: Cutler


Yum Ham Sub Mmmmm with the lot, still low cals

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Jones must come in.

No point playing him in the vfl anymore.


Few changes coming up IMO ……

I am assuming Caldwell will miss a 2nd week

Phillips in for one of Bryan/Draper. Likely Bryan, despite Draper needing to extract the digit.

Ridley back in for Redman suspended

Tex just stays in the side for injured Guelfi

Jones in for Francis (although don’t think Waterman was much chop either, prob can’t play 3 kpf + 2 rucks though)

OUT: Guelfi (inj), Redman (susp), Francis, Bryan
IN: Wanganeen, Ridley, Jones, Phillips


B: Kelly Laverde Reid
HB: Heppell Ridley Hind
C: Durham Parish Martin
HF: Perkins Wright Hobbs
F: Wanganeen Flip Jones
R: Draper Merrett McGrath

B: Shiel Smith Waterman Cutler

IF Caldwell gets up, Cutler or Smith out.

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I’ve chosen to go to Pies v Blues with mates and have no interest in the late game Sunday.



I reckon you might have gotten confused somewhere along the line there, Speedy.


I think you are correct :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Phillips played well in reserves, must be a chance to replace Draper or Bryan

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Think Bryan comes out for Phillips. Phillips was impressive prior to his injury.

Outs: Smith, Cutler, Waterman, Guelfi, Redman
Ins: Wanganeen, Jones (pending how he played in the VFL), Caldwell, Ridley, Stewart

Francis extremely lucky, needs to find the ball more.