Changes for Roos


Watson back or give him a longer rest.
Bird deserves to sat in.
Big Boi in, but who goes out for him.

Is resting a new policy, that is here to stay, to keep the list healthy, refreshed and ticking over?



The end.


Is he match fit?


in: brem06 finally getting to a game this year
out: watching footy on tv

They better close the damn roof…


Hmmm the vfl game was televised just now CJ and the big lav booted 6 majors. Looked pretty fit to my untrained eye!


Good to hear PRE, especially since l am no chance to see the VFL game. Putting his hand up big time for selection. Pressure on for a forward spot.


I’d want to see LAV play a few more weeks without getting injured first


OUT: Green, Bird, Heppell (rest)
IN: Watson, Laverde, Langford


What? Bird was good


Yep. me too. Has obeyed the coaches and eased his way in instead of Kamikazeing it in a desperate attempt to make up for lost time this time.

Did happen once or twice today, and I held my breath, but fortunately he survived them.

He’s learning that when he doesn’t go silly about it, it actually works for him. I’m rapt, but happy for him to stay there for one more at least.


I know he was good, but Watson is an automatic in, and who else goes out?

I actually quite like Bird in, gives a better balance to our midfield.


No Change…

Unless Green is injured…


Bird was OK, but he will go out for Jobe.


No changes for mine


The Roos are so ■■■■ I think they might just win.


This is a danger game. We cannot get ahead of ourselves.


Heppell for Watson.

If Hep wasn’t captain you know it makes sense.


If Bird gets dropped I will go ballistic. You can’t drop a guy who played as well as he did, our midfield looked so much better with him in there

If green is out bring in begley, lav or Jobe


Lav for Green.

Langers is getting there.
Begs is bangin on the door.
Mutch is close.


Mutch for Bellchambers