Changes for Roos


Jobe for Walla


Can see Bird getting dropped. I wouldn’t do it but can see it.


Don wan no bird droppin…


Send a ■■■■■■■ exorcist to the club and exorcise us of essington.


Did you think Hepp had a bad game?

I know his numbers were down but he kept Ross out of it for most of the game.


I don’t think Hepp had a ‘bad’ game - he just looked off during the game.

I think Birtd stays - so easy one Jobe in for Hepp - who’s back for the Doggies game.


I think we look faster with only one of Hep or Watson in the team.

Neither of them are bad or brilliant, but together they seem to bog things down a bit.


Did Green do a hammy or not?


Hep looked spent at the end of the game. Would be a good opportunity to give him a weeks rest. If not him, BJ was icing his thigh after and could use a rest. Straight swap watson.
If green is sore, Lav comes in.




Really tough after a good win especially if there are no injuries but Watson and Laverde are in our best team.


Bird was good, but why only 66% time on ground?


Higher/harder pace.

So much more “Burst” in our game, and he wasn’t below it, … but I bet he would have been blowing at times. You just can’t get that conditioning in the VFL.

Fk we’re fast.


Watson for Bird
Big boy for Green if injured


Out: Bird, Green

In: Watson, Laverde

Won’t happen though. Lav to play another game in res.


So blitz doesn’t get used to the idea of accountability in the midfield.


We certainly look faster.

Not sure that’s our biggest deficiency of late though.


Yes same with Myers (68%). I suspect as we were winning clearances OK through Belly dominating the ruck we wanted to maintain a fast spreading midfield most of the game. If Saints got a run on or starting winning midfield the plan was probably to put Myers and Bird in there more to close it up.

HepD played in a winning midfield and was pretty good kicking into forward 50, so I can’t see him being rested unless there is genuine issue. Bird’s handball was good, but had a few nothing kicks that were just 40m high kicks to no-one when he was in clear and should have done better - and this has always been his weakness.

Selection will be very interesting this week. Jobe will come in. Laverde staked a big claim today and coaches may be keen to see how well he works with Chook, Joe and the small forwards now rather than later in the year.


Wasn’t this Lav’s first full game back this week? After 3/4’s of a game last week?

Needs an extra week in the VFL, as much as his form is irresistible.


Exactly this was evident last night that our midfield looked much better with one of those two not in it. I’d actually take watson over heppell at the moment but dropping the captain never happens.