Changes for West Coast

stuuuuzzza has a game under him, time to bring him in


Bribe Oscar Allen while he’s in town


Out: Kelly & Snelling (Guelfi sub)
In: Tsatas & Voss

B: Cox BZT McGrath
HB: Redman Laverde Hind
C: Durham Merrett Martin
HF: Perkins Wright Davey
F: Menzie Voss Langford
R: Phillips Caldwell Parish
I/C: Bryan Hobbs Tsatas Heppell

Sub: Guelfi

Baldwin unlucky but Cox gets a couple more games in defence for now.

Seems like it would be hard to justify bringing anyone in from vfl after today

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In - weideman

Out - bryan


Did Tsatas play the second half or did they rest him?

Might be an indication that he’ll play?

Am I the only one that thinks Tsatas’ disposal is suspect?
The fact he is a Dodoro selection supports this thought.
Could only stomach the first quarter and a half today; but, Baldwin, was the only one looking like he is AFL ready.

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Setterfield should be available this week.

With the long lay off - are we bringing him back in the VFL?

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Reckon straight back in we are lacking size and its shown the last 3 weeks

Why? So that Caldwell and hobbs get less midfield minutes.

Even if season is not done, it’s west coast.

Get the kids some more experience

Addition to Ignore Group

Addition to Ignore Group


Eagles winning today is great for us (in terms of this game).

They are going to come to Melbourne off a 6 day break after breaking their drought and beat us to lose Pick One?

Yeah. Not likely.


Thought the same. They got their win at home in front of their supporters.

North game in two weeks will be another matter for us :joy:

Now that WCE and North are equal on points, if they are half smart (which I think they are under Clarkson) they will still sniff a chance of getting Pick One so unlikely to jeopardise it.

They had their chance to beat us earlier in the year. And blew it.

Drink breezers

True and don’t forget post on Instagram!

I really hope the seemingly improved culture we have this year is enough to get things going in the right direction.

Unfortunately too many of our players just have too many flaws in thier games. Just as an example (not singling him out, but an obvious one I remember from last night) - Hind streaming through the middle and in 99% of cases it would be a little chip kick to on eof the forwards for an easy mark. Not us, let’s try a stupid handball to a player running the wrong direction who’s about to get tackled…

Another one that stood out was Kelly on the wing, fires a 25m handpass instead of an easy kick, so of course in the 45 minutes it took form the handball to get to our player,he’s getting tackled by 2 Oppo.

We really just need to make sure our team can do the fundamentals and can make the right decision the majority of the time and execute it half reasonably. I think it’s too late for half the team to work enough on their flaws, too old and too embedded. But hopefully we can at least keep moving in the right direction.

North will want Harley Reid. They won’t want to beat us.

Lol wat?

I reckon us by 10 goals. If we can pretty much drain 100 points against the swans we will easily take care of these clowns

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