Changes v Blues Friday 10th June @ the G

We will get some players back and team will start to look a lot closer to full strength for this game. Weitering out helps…

OUT: Kelly, Smith, Waterman
IN: Redman, Guelfi, Stringer


Ridley Reid Hind
Redman Lav McGrath
Durham Shiel Martin
Perkins Jones Guelfi
Stringer 2MP Wanga

Phillips Parish Merrett

Bench: Caldwell Hobbs Heppell Draper
SUB: Cutler

Stewart might be an outside chance to play - Snelling & Langford probably come in the following week against the Saints. It would be nice to get a win and some momentum to kick off the second half of the season


That would be the most balanced side we’d have fielded all season at the very least. And close to the best side on paper for the year.

Snelling and Langford can’t be too much further away either (as you mentioned)


There’s a chance (if we got through the Carlton game unscathed) that in 2-3 weeks time we will only have two players on the injury list.
Cox and Hurley.

I don’t know if I should be happy about that because we get to field close to our best possible team, or disappointed cos when we inevitably still lose that we don’t even have the injury excuse anymore :sweat_smile:

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We will win a few games and lose our top 3 pick


McGrath Reid laverde
Redman Ridley hind
Durham parish martin
Stringer Jones Perkins
Wanganeen wright Hobbs
Phillips merrett Caldwell
Shiel guelfi draper heppell

In: Redman,guelfi, stringer
Out. Ham,smith,waterman

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We need Adelaide and the Giants to get their act together and notch up some wins pronto.


In: Camporeale, Allan, Murphy
Out: Saad, Manton, Cahill


Cahill is a stretch, come onnn

Is Stringer really going to be fit and available? Do we want him to be?

Couldn’t think of anyone else, come onnn

Cory McGrath?


There you go.

After the next two games. We will be 2 wins behind everyone, and firmly in 16th.

Hopefully we completely give up at that point and don’t even try.

That’s not going to happen.

I get what you’re saying and I’m happy to get a top 3 pick in a season that is a write off in terms of finals.

We might experiment a little with personnel and a few positional things that they wouldn’t have done if we were in contention but beyond that the 22 who run out each week aren’t going to not try (well, you know).

I’d just love a bit of a buffer to form by way of Adelaide and the Giants winning some games over the next few weeks to allow us the odd guilt free win.

Adelaide play West Coast and GWS play North in their next games. You would think that is a win for both of them.

I think we will win 2 more games for the year.


Surely Langford and Snelling are right? Snelling did a calf in round ■■■■■■■ 4 FFS.

In: Stringer, Redman, Snelling, Langford.

Makes us a LOT stronger. Wouldn’t be surprised if we play well.


It was difficult to get a definitive read on Snelling and Langford from the injury reports but certain things about how they phrased it makes it feel like they are probably unlikely to be right for the Carlton game but more probable in the week or two thereafter.

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I’d bring them all back via the VFL. What’s the rush this year? Let them get some feel back.


Perkins ???

Who plays on Curnow?
Are the blues still missing McKay?