Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


This needs to happen. No ■■■■■ footing around.

OUT: Myers, Goddard, Baguley, Parish, Tippa
IN: Langford, Clarke, Guelfi, Ridley, Redman,

We know it won’t happen though.



No changes for mjne


No changes for mine.


Out: Woosha, Xav, the Board


Still think we look a bit confused.


Why the fk do we even create these threads?

1 - who fkn cares.

2 - nothing will change


What I want:

OUT: Laverde, Stringer, Parish, McNiece, Myers, Tippungwiti, Baguley
IN: Langford, Clarke, Guefli, Ridley, Long, Redman, Francis

What I think will happen:
OUT: Mutch
IN: Brown


I think we should play the exact same 22 in the exact same positions, with the exact same game plan.

Everything is fine.


Out; Half the team, Worsfold, Heppel as Captain and X Campbell

IN: don’t care if we don’t replace them, we’re better off without all of them.

This is the worst leadership any club has seen for 50 years


This has to be the week the axe comes down.


In: Green
Out: Mutch
You know it’s what will happen.


It’s a new group, they’re still getting used to playing together. Let’s not disrupt things too much


Does it really matter anymore

Blues had this game won 2 weeks ago

That’s how ■■■■ our coaching group are.

I actually want Wilson to go absolutely ballistic on Worsfold and other coaches. This is rock bottom for me because I’m liking Wilson more than Essendon right now!!


who the ■■■■ even cares at this point. We are a basket case.


Baguely, Stringer, McNiece, Goddard, Laverde should all start ironing their vfl jumper.


How many fit players do we have in the twos?


Goddard did too much for the club during the saga to be dropped, but god dammit he needs to be “rested”… for multiple weeks…


No changes. It looks like a chore for most of the players. ■■■■ them let them stay out there.


Membership won’t be a record next year

Book mark it


I’m out with my 4 family memberships.