Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad

I reckon we’re still a fortnight away from actual changes.

Me too. I said weeks ago it’ll take til mid season

Anyone on the Advantage plan should cancel the payments and send their memberships back


will we actually make changes and bring in some youth?
if we don’t im not even going to bother watching

Mitch Brown and Matt Dea.

Out: Saad, Parish, Laverde and McNeice

Combination of lack of tackling and disposal efficiency.

In: Langford, Redman, Long & Ridley

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Not enough changes for me mine

Myers, Goddard Baguley, McNeice (omitted) Tippa (rested) parish (rested) Ambrose

IN: Langford, Clarke, Guelfi, Ridley, Redman, Long, Holahan

B: Saad Hooker Ridley
Hb: Redman Hurley McKenna
C: Smith Clarke Long
Hf: Stringer Stewart z Merrett
F: Fantasia McKernan Houlahan
R: Bellchambers Zaharakis Heppelll
Int: Laverde, Langford Guelfi Mutch

Goddard can come back via the twos when he can beat his opponent.

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Yup. An absolute mauling by Cats and GWS should ensure Mutch gets dropped and Brown gets picked.

But actually in my opinion if the actual changes don’t happen this week they’ll never happen.

About time we got belted by 100+.


Don’t want to bring in too many kids against cats, because they’ll just maul us. Ditto the giants. Ditto richmond. Then why risk bringing it kids for a winnable game against the lions? Then off to the bye with the kids well protected.

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Out: softcocks
In: guys who will stand up for their team mates and play for the jumper.


I have every intention of skipping this game and going to a movie. However, if Essendon swing the axe (as Worsfold’s threatened to do), and we play the kids. I’ll go just to support the kids playing.

That’s a big IF though. Absolutely need to play Clarke.


35- 40k depending on weather.

In Long then!

Out Goddard, Myers, Stringer, Parish, Bags

In Anyone

What’s the bet the seconds stink it up tomorrow?

Because none of them want to be involved in the train wreck against Geelong?

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Yep we’re ripe for a peak-saga belting.

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Speaking of INs - Green will apparently be ready this week. Can’t imagine them not playing him.