Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


Oops 1 hour early


But I’m on a break from work now.

Someone with the good word post the team DAMN IT !


In: Ridley, Clarke
Out: Hurley, Mutch


really hope this is a sick joke.


Do you have the good word ?




No. I’m expecting to as well.


Just got told that McNiece got dropped.



But I didn’t even think about winning until a Geelong bloke at work told me we’d need 22 new players by the end of the game. Prick. Now i hope we smash them.

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If it is true, Guelfi probably comes in - who else?

It’ll be interesting to see whether good form ie. Langford gets rewarded or not.


Reckon Green will get picked.


Matty dea 4 mcniece?


Ridley would replace mcneice and hartley for Hurley and there will be 1-3 more


has he even played vfl yet?


No but if we want to be a forward press team then some one like Green comes in too much is left to Walla and Fantasia.


Quite possibly. May be 1 more week precaution?
Walla rested maybe?


Maybe we shall find out soon


I can picture how this game will pan out.

We will come out of the blocks in the first 5 mins and have a 2 goal lead,Geelong up the pressure and the team craps it self,Geelong hits the front and she’s game over after that.


INS: Clarke, Ridley, Langford, Dea, Guelfi
OUTS: McNiece, Parish, Myers, Mutch, Hurley


Is that not almost exactly what Blitz was asking for?