Changes v Cats Round 9 - the squad


I totally Agree


Should we go Striker or the autopilot?


Good news for us with the Geelong outs. Now all we need is Selwood, Danger, Ablett & Tomahawk to be late outs and we are a chance!


3 no names to kill us


Menegola, Kelly, Taylor out would help too.


Would love to see:
IN: Clarke, Ridley, Langford
OUT: Myers, Hurley, McNeice

Parish and Laverde part of the future, so need to be given time. We know Parish can play, he’s another victim of our ‘gameplan’.


And they’re both in step, too…


He had a great preseason, but seems to have lost enthusiasm along with many on the team.


Agreed - that’s why I don’t think dropping him will benefit him too much. Hopefully the events of this week gives him (and the rest) a new lease on life (but not holding my breath, just quietly)


I brought Hartley in because of that one time he made Hawkins his biatchh


am i crazy for feeling somewhat confident of us winning this game?

Bombers v.s Cats Review Thread - Neelded to find a way



I feel the same, was also confident of losing to the blues…

typical Jekyll and hyde team


My thoughts:
Out: Hurley, Mutch, McNeice, Parish, Myers
In; Clark, Ridley, Langford, Dea, Guelfi


We are gross underdogs in this game. We seem to be better as hunters than hunted.

IOW if our opponents underestimate us and just concentrate on playing the way they want to play, but we assess them and focus on their weaknesses we are a chance.

Having said that we probably lose by 21 points .


Its just a deeply ingrained mirrored over reaction to losing the game against a cellar dweller team in FarkCarlton that gives you a false euphoric feeling of winning against a top four side in Geelong. No problem. After we lose to Geelong, the reality will set in and you will increasingly achieve some form of normality again. Some side effects may still remain and there is always the chance of a recurrence triggered by another bad loss against a rabble team. These side effects are normally able to be contained by drinking copious amounts of alcohol on a regular basis.


■■■■■■ EFC Marketing, can’t even spel Sheddy right.


I got that text message too