Changes v Eagles - Friday night game @ 8.40pm

I think we might see 2 or 3 changes…potentially:

OUT: McGrath, Heppell, Ham
IN: Parish, Zerk, Langford


Ridley Zerk Kelly
Redman Lav Hind
Martin Caldwell Durham
Perkins Jones Guelfi
Stringer 2MP Hobbs

Draper Parish Merrett

Bench: Shiel Langford D’Ambrosio Phillips
SUB: Cutler

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Flying up Friday morning for pre game BEVS at the VIC, then back to Melbourne to watch the game on TV.


We have to be some chance to get up here - McGovern out for them is a big loss

Snelling a chance ?

Not confident this week. I think we really miss McGrath and the Eagles look to finally get getting up and about.(so do we but it’s what they would view as winnable at home after the weekend)

Forced changes only after our best win so far this year.

Parish(surely only 1 week with a corker?)
Start of Selection pressure from the twos.

OUT: McGrath(inj)
Picking out of form o and/or not up to it footballers

Won’t happen. (Unless he’s injured.)

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Hand injury during the match last week. Not sure if he’ll make it back in time.

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My view from the couch is langers needs another run in the VFL and Snell is nowhere near it. Both have had very long layoffs and we have to be wary of our elite performance departments capacity to break players.

Probably what will happen is they will play langers and his hamstring will fall off somewhere over the Nullarbor on the flight home.

We will spend weeks trying to find it.


what type of couch Humble?

Finger webbing injury wasn’t it?
Would be very surprised if he missed with that.

So I read, but idk how serious it was.

If his ability to throw shakas are in question, I’d say he is 50/50 for the game.



Ins: Langford, Cutler
Outs: Ham (omitted) Mcgrath (Murphy’d)

I think Heppell probably plays and as much a so love Meatball, give him a full game in the VFL.

Edit: forgot about Parish lol. He plays.

Wouldn’t be tinkering too much with the squad.

Tracking beautifully at the moment.


OUT: McGrath (adductor/groin), Heppell (hand), Ham (ommitted), Stewart (Ankle)
IN: Parish, Langford, Baldwin, Zerk-Thatcher


D’Ambrosio Ridley Kelly
Redman Lav Hind
Martin %Caldwell Langford
*Parish Jones %Hobbs
#Merrett 2MP Baldwin

Draper *Perkins #Stringer

Bench: Shiel, Durham, Phillips, Guelfi
SUB: Zerk-Thatcher

Start with same back line setup as last week with Zerk-Thatcher as backup this time.
Baldwin comes in off back of decent VFL games, Stringer move into more midfield time, Parish can spend first half in forwardline.
Merrett to swap with Stringer after Centre clearance
Perkins and Parish to Rotate
Caldwell and Hobbs to rotate
with Shiel relieving mids from Bench
Durham relieve Wing/defence
Phillips relieve ruck / key forwards
Guelfi relieve forwards/defence

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If he can hold a coffee, surely he can hold a footy.


I like your team but after a very good VFL game I reckon they’ll bring Cutler in - possibly as the sub.


in - langford parish cutler

out - heppell mcgrath ham

Cutler will get a gig with no heppell/pidge


Enough with the Cutler talk


i agree, no need to rush them in. Langford’s first half was great, he drifted in the second half. give him another week in the VFL.

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