Changes v Eagles - Friday night game @ 8.40pm

In Hepp’s words: “she’s cactus”


Blitz: “Let’s blame Murphy for all our injuries”
Next Blitz: "Let’s pick Langford this week - we’ll put him on a plane for 3+ hours over & back and he can play a full game).
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I like Cutler and he played well, but he is only Depth and would prefer to get a look at Baldwin or Zerk to be honest.

We also need him to stay in the VFL next week to keep the winning streak alive. Easier to replace Zerk than Cutler and losing zerk gives greater roles to Brand/Eyre and McBride which is what we want. Baldwin missing could be costly as he has had some match winning marks and goals last few weeks. But would be coming into the AFL side with form, and potentially a midfield contest we can win and deliver the ball to him.
Also If we pull a couple of talls out of the VFL side it will look more balanced
b: Brand McBride
hb: Eyre
R: Bryan / McBride
hf: Voss
f: Francis

inj: assume Reid, Stewart both out with ankle injuries

Francis got injured as well didn’t he?

I just thought he was useless and didnt do anything, compared to Voss, Stewart and Baldwin

I think he hurt his shoulder

Snelling was better than Langford in the VFL.

If results go out way, there is a chance we could propel ourselves to 14th with a big win.

That will get the members signing up for 2023.



I wouldnt say no to Eagles having more free kicks than total score at half time.

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Cutler for Pidge
Parish for Hepp
Langford for Ham

Sorry Stallion, but Cutler has been the most dominant VFL player we have. He has dominated for weeks and is becoming a serious weapon for us going forward.


I think what @Stallion meant to say is

just CUTS

Really? I thought that Snelling looked really clean when he did get involved but Langford had a bigger impact on the day (and not just because he had more game time).

I’d be comfortable with them bringing Langford back in this week, even though he ran out of puff late - he looked to be moving really well, got to good spots, etc and will be better for the run.


They may hand casts with cup holders.

Langford was good too, probably involved for longer periods, but MEATBALL’s vision and ability to put team mates in good spots really stood out half a dozen times at least.

All that said, I wouldn’t be taking either of them to Perth.

Next week.


I won’t him no where near the seniors.

I guess my opinion of Cutler is the same as others have towards Ham.

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That he runs well both ways, and positions well for a forward kicking option, and grabs the footy well?

If McGrath and Hepp are both out and the club deem Langford and Snelling both unavailable just yet, then I’m not sure there are really enough other worthy contenders to bring in just yet to not select Cutler. Remember this is a team that already has Ham in it.

And I’m not really a Cutler fan and believe we will be a good footy team when we’ve moved past a guy like him. But we’re not quite there yet.

I suppose you could give GARRETT a go to have a look but that would certainly be in hope more than on merit.

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If Langford and Snell didn’t pull up sore/injured…you can 100% guarantee they will play. No point having those blokes floundering in the VFL

I always have thought garrett was lined up for marty gleeson’s spot in Hep’s cover. I presume that plan has been put to the side now.