Changes V Freo

Surely BBB keeps a spot. Mutch with a noice game in the VFL may get a look in, possibly Watson also. BIRD SHOULD STAY IN BUT I KNOW HE WONT

In: Colyer, Watson, Langford, Hurley (if Fit)
Out: Green, Myers, Laverde, Hartley

Really want to give Mutch a shot before the season is done though.

In: Watson Colyer Hurley
Out: Bird Green ???

Out: Green (inj) Bird,

In: Hurley Watson

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In: Colyer, Jobe, Hurls

Out: Green, Myers, Hartley

Will probably be Howlett in for Green, Jobe in for Bird and Hurls needs another week though.

How tall is the Freo forward line these days?

Not very

No changes for mine.


Then if Hurley comes in, maybe a tall back goes out.

Out: Subiaco
In: Docklands

A longer ■■■■■■ wait for this than Woosha debuting someone!


In: closed roof on Sunday.

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Nat Fyfe hadn’t even debuted last time we played them here. Never seen the ■■■■ play in person.


There will be.

Jobe Stants and Mutch.

Maybe Hurls, … but something tells me he could do with another week with finals in the window.

If Hurls misses, that means if we make it he’ll have a 4 week gap due to the bye. Seems a bit much if unnecessary, or can he play VFL since we’re in AFL finals in between?

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Will Hurley be ready? He’s listed as 1-2 weeks. I have never heard of a one week calf.

If he is ready…

In: Watson, Hurley, Colyer (to play small forward)
Out: Myers, Green and I have NFI

Yeah, … you make a point with thebye, but he can’t play VFL, …but, .it’s only a 3 week miss yeah?

Just get the feeling he’s been carrying something prior to, if not THE calf … been not himself the past 2 - 3 weeks.

I reckon 3 weeks off wouldn’t hurt too much, and may well be needed.

OUT: Green (inj), Bird, Myers, Hartley
IN: Colyer, Watson, Langford, Hurley

However I reckon they may give Hurls another week still, and Myers won’t get dropped

He misses 3 weekends, or 4 weeks between games if he misses next week. I went and had a look at the VFL eligibility rules @DJR posted, and I think if we’re in AFL finals and he didn’t play the week before he can play VFL. So we could have him play VFL during the bye for match fitness if we wanted to (I think).

May well be right there,… forgot about both sides being in.

A fkn calf though …:persevere:

Not sure if it’s officially a calf. From what Hurley said, he was a bit sore after the Adelaide game and it didn’t go away during the week so they decided to play it safe and rest him.

I think he’ll be back against Freo for sure.

out: Green (inj), Bird, Hartley
in: Langford, Watson, Hurley

Hartley stays in if Hurley is not fit.