Changes V Freo

I would LOVE to see that. 2 clearance ball winning beasts

Myers has had more than enough games this year, he has struggled. Please leave Bird in

Yeah, no way that JustinCrowBringBack Hurls unless he is cherry ripe, which is highly doubtful.

Colyer and Watson in
Green and either Myers or Bird.out

Myers should be embarrassed by that right foot attempt that he hacked out of bounds. I like him and the strength in the contest that he provides, but he needs to sort that out. Mind you we have been saying it for so long, that it don’t look like it is going to change. He is in the midfield until we can provide another player of size and strength to play the contested role that Myersy plays. Maybe Kobe Mutch in years to come, he can at least use both feet which would be nice to see.

l can’t tell for sure, but are they two or three toed varieties of our midfield? Might explain some of the dodgy foot disposal we have seen this year, if we knew that answer.

Crow sounding pretty cagey on Hurley returning this week.

Not likely to happen.

I suspect the opposition don’t check him as closely with the other little guys being a handful.

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Its got nothing to do with assuming, if you watch the games you see him chasing from goal square to D50, delivering from the centre then being first to try collect off hands from that entry
He plays with 100% more energy and comitment to the contest than many of our other options
Doesnt gove up on chases like a lot of our players


I guess that guarantees that Jobe is in

Don’t get it…
Second time this week ffs

OUT: Green (inj), Bird, Myers (rest)
IN: Colyer, Watson, Stanton

B: Baguley Ambrose Gleeson
Hb: Mckenna Hartley Kelly
C: McGrath Watson Parish
Hf: Laverde Daniher Tippa
F: Begley Hooker Stewart
R: Bellchambers Zerrett Zaharakis
Int: Goddard, Colyer, Heppell, Stanton
Emg, Langford, Mutch, Francis

Would love to see stanton get a run.
Probably a good idea to give Myers a rest from all crash and bash of inside mid role.

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Looking for four tickets better than level 3, anybody willing to sell? Thanks

I was pleased to hear Hooker, TBell & Jobe discuss how stats are not everything. Many players fulfill their role doing things for the ‘team’ which is highly regarded within the group. Many posters here are quick to drop those whose stats are low but the big body work of some of our older guys is needed around packs to allow others to clear & go.


Hurley has been ruled out for this week’s game.

They’re saying that Watson isn’t a certainty to return for the game either.

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We shouldn’t be risking hurls on the eve of finals so fair enough.

But jobe no certainty… what is the go there?

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Who’s “they”?

AFL site

The direct quote from Woosha in the press conference is “provided Jobe is feeling fresh and ready to go he will play”

Uh huh …:roll_eyes:


I always wondered if Jobe may not play- he may feel that his inclusion is not in our best 22 at present- and his integrity & selflessness would not allow him to play if he felt this.

As if he won’t play. There are 10,000 Jobe face masks going out to the crowd