Changes v Melbourne - Sunday 1:10pm

OUT: Stanton, Zaka
IN: Gleeson, Myers

not sure about midfielders, i think we need to do some change.s

but out: leuy
in: ding dong.

Myers for Zaka. Try Stants in a position he can play before dropping.


I think Jobe out, Langford in. TBC to miss as L did enough

With the 5 day break and the depth we have I think it would be a good idea to make a few changes. Given Melb will be tired too from their slog, if we can have a fresh team we’ll run over the top of them in the last. Melb has been pretty poor as it is in last quarters.

Player that could be rested: Watson, Kelly (but maybe better rested for perth), Stanton, Leuey, Colyer, Francis. Depends how they pull up.

Plenty of depth that could come in: Belly, Myers, Hocking, Bird (although no match this week), Gleeson, McKenna, Langford, could be a few others

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In: Bellchambers, Gleeson, Myers
Out: Leuenberger, Kelly, Watson (all rested)


I suspect it will largely come down to who doesn’t pull up well from today.


Assuming Loony doesn’t get up he is a pretty obvious change for Bellcho.

Would personally be resting/dropping a fair few of Watson Stanton Kelly Baguley Zaha myself. Gleeson is one who is ready to come in.

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Yep agree.

Melbourne are a ruckman short so a fresh and pumped up Belly could really be an advantage.

Interesting selection coming up. Do they play them this week then rest then from travelling to Perth for Freo? They have just come off a 9 day break. It will depend on whether this game is really energy sapping given the wet conditions.

I’m not too sure about the ruckman debate.

We can’t play both Looney and Bellcho.

And Looney hasn’t done a helluva lot wrong.

I can’t see them resting Looney, bringing bellcho in and then dropping him a week later for Looney.

Unless Looney desperately needs a rest i’d be still playing him.


In- Myers and T-Bell at least




Belly should come in and dominate Melbourne’s third-stringer (Pedersen?) Also, Daniher is a perfect match-up for when Watts goes on ball.

In McKenna
Out Stanton or Zaha


Perhaps if Belcho plays a blinder he’ll stay in the team. It’s not like Leuey has been undroppable. He’s only just been okay and it’s a perfect time to promote Belly who will be fresher

Yeah a 5 day break after a wet day is always going to take a toll. We don’t need Looney doing another hammy. Bring in Belly, see how he goes.


I’d be making 2 or 3 chances for purposes of resting.

Possibly Watson, Stanton and Kelly
For Myers, McKenna and Gleeson


Melbourne are early favourites too. I thought we might be just ahead even with the shorter turn around.

In: Myers, Gleeson, Bird, Bellchambers
Out: Stanton, Zaharakis, Kelly, Luenenberger

Not sure how Francis pulls up, he faded in the last half.