Changes v Suns

IN: Zerrett, Bags, Francis
OUT: Howlett, Dea, Laverde

In: zerret, bags, Hartley, Langford
Out: dea, howlett, colyer, Watson


No changes for mine.


In- Merrett (thank goodness!!), Baguely, Bellchambers.

Out - Howlett (knowing us, he’ll get suspended!), Leuenberger, Dea.

Would be of no loss if so.

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In Langford

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IN: Zerrett, Bird, Mutch, Begley,
Out: Howlett, Myers, Lav, Colyer


Out: Howlett Dea Collyer Lav
In: Bags Zerret Begley Mutch

Watson has two weeks of his career to play. ANYONE suggesting he should be dropped is a terrible human being and should be instabanned


This, I’d consider Hartley too to free up hurls but GC are a bit short right now.

Don’t really see the point of rushing bags in unless we are going to move McGrath up the ground.

Bird is just non negotiable a debuting the kids in the last two dead rubbers is the least woosh can do.

Lav improved in the second half but was unforgivably putrid in the first. Colyer just gives us nothing.

McGrath Ambrose kelly
Conor Hurley Gleeson

Mutch hepp Zaha
Luey Zerret bird

Parish Stewart tippa
JD hooker green

Bj DEA begley Jobe

Probably will not see anything like that though.

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In: Bags, Hartley, Merrett, Bellchambers
Out: Dea, Myers, Howlett, Leuenberger


I reckon he will drop himself

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I was going to say the same. Or he may be rested next week. He looked a little emotional after tonight’s game. Hope he’s intending to at least play against Freo.

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Out: Colyer, Howlett, Lav, Dea, Green
In: zerret, Hartley, Mutch, bags, BBB



Win the next 2 and we’re still a very good chance for finals. Results have to go our way, but if things go to form we’re still very much alive.


Langford is ■■■■ didnt u watch VFL today


B: Gleeson - Ambrose - Baguley
HB: Hurley - Hartley - McKenna
C: McGrath - Heppell - Zaharakis
HF: Laverde - Hooker - Goddard
F: Stewart - Daniher - Tipungwuti
FOL: Leuenberger - Watson - Merrett
I/C: Green - Kelly - Langford - Parish

Out: Colyer (omitted) Dea (omitted) Howlett (omitted) Myers (omitted)


Berger should not be dropped he equalled the best ruckman in the league tonight


Lav out Begley or Francis in

Is Bird well liked within the club and playing group? Can’t see any other reason that he hasn’t got more game time.

When I went to the training grounds (after I heard Jobe was making an announcement this week), Bird was downstairs getting a coffee whilst everyone else was upstairs at the press conference. He only went up to join them towards the end. Thought it was odd at the time.

That and the McKenna brush off during the Saints game - which seemed weird to me.

Purely speculative of course.