Changes v Suns


If we are going to play a midfield including Myers Jobe howlett and bj in September I don’t really see the point


Out- Watson, myers, green, howlett, Goddard

In- I give up


I’d leave lav in and drop green tbh.


Players should suck it up.


All kids including Lav need to stay in. They need experience at senior level. The VFL is well below AFL standard imo.

In: young Kids
Out: Older kids


To get the midfield of Merrett, Parish, etc finals experience?









Was ready to relegate Laverde for the rest of the year, but it seemed like he finally started to get his ■■■■ together in the second half.

Bellchambers in for Leuenberger, if he’s fit.
Zerrett in for Howlett.
Mutch/Langford in for Myers.
Consider bringing in Francis for Dea as well.


What I would like to see:

Out ----- In
Leuy… Belly
Dea … Hartley: move Hurley to 3rd tall/sweeper, have Hartley on Wright
Gleeson…Redman: better distributor of the ball
Hewlett…Bags: bring Bags back, move McGrath to midfield
Laverde…Begley: better balance up forward
Colyer…Mutch: playing similar link up role better at VFL
Watson…Zerrett: no reason to send Jobe north, start transition

Won’t happen of course.


In Zerrett Begley Bellchambers
Out Howlett Colyer Leuenberger

Myers I thought was kinda OK.
Jobe is proper, proper cooked but unless he puts his hand up, nobody’s going to drop him.


Out - Umpires

Also Zerret for Jobe - (rested) let him play. His last at Docklands
Mutch for Colyer - we need an outlet player on the wings - Mutch continues to make space & good position, doesn’t fumble, can mark overhead, and gets inside ball - all things Colyer has failed at recently & only 3 tackles last night so not even a tagger / negator
Francis for Dea. - the white shoe brigade are short on talls and we need more drive from our tall backs which neither Hartley or Dea are providing, coupled with intercept marking and thumping spoils to clear the space for Conor and McGrath


In: Begely, Mutch, Ridley, Francis, Bird
Out: Colyer, Howlett, Myers, Goddard, Kelly

Goddard needs a rest


Myers was pretty good. Big body in the mid, got a few good clearances. The club know his value, he won’t be dropped. Howlett will be omitted as they won’t tag anyone in the suns.
Dea was ordinary. Omit.
Luey was ok, he stays.
Laverde showed glimpses, they may persist.
Colyer offers too little- surely time is up?

In: zerrett, bags, Francis.


Are you guys that have listed teams that still include Colyer trolling? How many chances does a guy need? And he only seems to be getting worse.


lol, love your love for Langford. But he was very poor in the VFL and undeserving of a game before the likes of Mutch. Who was good but not sure he is ready yet either.


You should know by now that RockyIV will ask for Langford’s inclusion next week regardless.
Even if ‘The’ is abducted by Aliens, and the video posted on YouTube, he will still have him as an in.


How does Green escape any scrutiny.
Has been more or less terrible since the bye.


He’s been wasteful but not completely terrible. And dropping one of our remaining 3 quick guys would make us even slower - we don’t need that.


Surely Mutch and BBB get handed their debut next week