Changes vs Bin Chickens round 4

Hmmmm…do we rest some kids this week?
5-day break going interstate (with back to back interstate trips)

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No changes for mine.


Redman OUT
Heppell IN


out: cutler

in: anyone


I’m concerned 2MP may have a tough gig taking all ruck responsibilities two games in a row off a small break. Does Bryan come in for him as a straight swap?


Out: Redman, Cutler
In: Heppell, Reid

Out; Redman (inj)
In: Heppell/Reid

May need to consider some ruck cover for Wright too.

Jesus how tall do you want our backline to be?

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buddy is back

Buddy is back, Reid can get the task of following him up the ground. Good learning opportunity

Plus our backline are quite mobile

Good, slows them down, and they’ll go searching for him making them predictable.

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Yeah and they will drop McLean for buddy.

Cutler medical sub again.

Out Redman. In Heppell.

If Heppell isn’t fit, in Gleeson.

As for rucks… I suspect we roll the dice with Wright + Langford again.

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Francis can intercept and Ridley can control the arc

Hams on a wing aswell, he is beginning to gain confidence, I want his run and carry on the small SCG driving the ball long

Put JET in the middle against the youth of Sydney

Cox in the forwardline, I think he will stretch their short defence with his height and endurance

All valuable experience

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Who else can we debut this week??

Heppell in for Redman

Keep 2MP in the ruck as long as Parish gets left in the midfield.


But yeah I think Heppell for Redman is the obvious change. No one deserves to be omitted after how hard they all cracked in like that.

Only thing is it’s a 5 day break so someone might be a bit sore and need a rest, but I can’t predict who that is. If so you’d almost say Cutler deserves to be the guy that comes in for them, purely because he was a part of the team that played like that against St Kilda.

At least we don’t have to worry about Alir,Alir


Redman out

Heppell in

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