Changes vs Doggies

Rutten mentioned Laverde couldn’t lift his right up during that second half.

And that Langford copped a few hits that they’d need to monitor over the next few days (but didn’t sound too great either way).

You’d hope Guelfi comes in. Hooker probably required.

Jones - any timeframe for him? Or is he done for the year?

The fact right now I would play Ham above Tippa is scary. Really need to see the the injury wrap up after today.

Surprised took so long for the thread.

Looks like our VFL side didn’t play.

finals gone, play the kids.
Out: Stewart, Tippa (managed) Laverde (Shoulder) Cutler,
In: Brand (Debut), Hird (Debut), Eyre, Bryan, Sub Waterman

b: Hind Brand Ridley
hb: Heppell Francis Redman
c: Langford Shiel cox
hf: Eyre Wright Stringer
f: Hird Draper Smith
r: Bryan Parish Merrett
int: Snelling Durham Perkins Clarke
Sub: Waterman

Emg: Hooker, Tippa, Zaharakis




Not necessarily accurate, as someone’s pointed out the Richmond loss leaves the door open for a team with 10 wins to make it

people have been harping on all season about instilling a ‘winning culture’ so let’s do that and get two more wins this season


In: Ambrose
Out: Stewart


Exactly that. Finals still well and truly in play. Even with a loss to the Doggies.

No reason to throw in the towel. And it makes the last few rounds interesting.

7 day break and the boys get a chance to get back into their routine at home. Free shot here. Give it a crack.

Any potential for crowds this game?


In: Hooker, Guelfi
Out: Lav (injuried), Cox

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I wouldn’t want Brand, Eyre and Hird to be thrown in against the premiership favourites.


Why not 3 wins?

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yep, wouldn’t want a 21 goals in a row to happen cos all the kids are in there :thinking: … wait a minute…


The discussion in the finals thread is that we could still drop the game against the Doggies and make the finals if we beat GC and Pies. I think that’s where the two wins came from.

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How Ham is a sub before Guelfi is beyond me. Guelfi can play either end and would have been handy down back today.
Tippa needs a rest.

Hooker would do no worse than Stewart down back but I don’t think the selectors will put him back. Francis back in Stewart’s spot for me.
If Caldwell is fit then bring him in.
More marks inside 50 as well please.


I like the positivity re finals, but have to be honest and say we are not good enough to be in the finals, if we did happen to make it, we would only be making up the numbers.

We just need to keep working hard, have a good pre season, hope we don’t have many injuries and give it our best shot for 2022/2023.


Yep. If Laverde is out, Francis should go back. Hooker plays forward. Would almost be tempted to bring in BZT for Stewart too.

Really hoping Langford is good to play. 7 day break helps.

Actually, just thinking about it, could Phillips play forward? Rotate with Draper in the ruck?

Yeah I feel buoyant. Why can’t we beat bloody Footscray?

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To be honest, I think the top 6 are all finals quality teams. 7th and 8th - all the contenders for this spot have had very poor games this year.

7/8 will just be making up the numbers regardless of who it is. May as well be us - give the kids the finals experience. See what the benchmark is.


If Laverde out injured then it’s time to debut Brand.

Stewart has to be dropped after such a poor game - although he has bee played forward recently, I would debut McBride for a KP defender role rather than BZT who has regularly shown he isn’t an AFL standard player.

Tippa needs to be rested/dropped - Tom Hird to debut.

So, three potential debutants against the Bulldogs. The club has said this is a development year.

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Every year I feel that the Doggies game is 50/50. And every year, we get smashed. The worst being 2019.

Won’t make that mistake again this year. I don’t give us much chance of winning at all. I just want us to try and protect our %. After the 2019 game, I think we lost 10%??

You are right re 7 and 8, I prefer it’s not us, as my heart cannot take another finals loss.