Changes vs Giants

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Prefer to keep Bryan in. Assuming no injuries, I think Francis comes in for Guelfi.

Keep the group playing together as much as possible, including the kids.

I reckon Cox gets rested… he had some tired moments yesterday.

I don’t want Stewart anywhere near Hogan.

I’d say they keep Stewart in as he is part of a preferred defensive unit and they are trying to build synergy. If that means he, or others, get some goals kicked on them while they grow then so be it.

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But give him a run in the 2’s to catch some form… you can’t be rushing players straight in after a long time on the sidelines… I’m all for him long term but crap like that is costly.

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Yeah personally I would have used the vfl to bring him back. But they didn’t and I think that is a sign of where they see him. Now that he came straight into the 1’s suggests to me that they want to get as many games as possible into the preferred collective defensive unit as they can.


Yes, Stewart needed the run, and no way will they drop him after just the one game.
Thought Cutler had a calf issue, so he won’t be in.

GWS play the 3 tall forwards, so Stewart, Ridley, Laverde & Francis isn’t too tall.
Can see Guelfi becoming the substitute.

Bit depends on Cox’s shoulder.
Bryan is 50 50 I reckon for Phillips- depends on how the coaches want to address those round the ground stoppages where we got beaten up.

Ridley was playing on Betts and Gibbons a fair bit. Not sure bringing in Francis for a small is a great balance.

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Agree with those thinking of resting Cox. Starting to look pretty fatigued and 6 day break to GWS.

That aside, I’d be bringing in Philips if he’s okay, not that Bryan did much wrong but he’ll get monstered by Mummy.

Francis back as well.

In: Phillips, Francis, Zaharakis
Out: Bryan, Cox, Guelfi.


So we should drop Zerrett too?

Langford needs to lift

Also McGrath, was very quiet first half.

Ham is undersize but he also needs to lift

In Francis,

Out Guelfi

wouldnt you want him to play every game to increase his trade value.

Bryan stays in now no better learning than playing on afl ruckmen every week.

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If Mummy play, Bryan shouldn’t.

If they do risk playing Bryan, have the undertakers number on speed dial


Bryan will simply jump over Mummy.


We might aswell pack the kids bags if we’re dropping him. Earned is spot came in did what we asked of him then drop him because we don’t want him to get hurt by a 48 yr old lump of poo.
Bryan will be jumping out of his skin to play this week.

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Hope people have in mind that Cutler did his calf and Waterman had an ankle injury - could barely run in the last Qtr of VFL. Both would be unlikely call ups

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Not sold on Stewart in defence and at 27, not sure what he offers.

It seems the coaches are going thr old fashioned way and building from defence. Got young defenders in there with Heppel as the experienced head, getting Lav, Ridley, Francis to play together as mich as possible.

I would he bringing in Francis straight away and if that means Stewart gets dropped then so be it. Need the 3 I mentioned to play as much together as possible.

And only reason i would bring Phillips in is because Bryan is really raw and will get buried by Mumford. Happy for Bryan to keep playing, but need to look after him as well.

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My point was, if someone has to be dropped to make room for Francis, I’d rather it be someone that won’t be on our list next year. (Allegedly).

Oh that’s cute…