Changes vs Hawks Rd 14 2021 [spec]

What are the options here?

Outs: McGrath (knee), Zaka (hammy), Phillips, Ambrose maybe?

Ins: Smith? Cahill? Draper? 2MP in the mix too I suppose.

That Durham kid might be closer to a game than we think too!


Wright will come back into the team. Draper will get a run too you’d think.

What’s the timeline for Snelling?


Don’t care.

Just win.

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I think they said “medium term” so 4-6 weeks, I guess?

Probably be a Draper/2MP ruck combo.

It’s often hard to tell a timeline with fingers/thumbs/hands due to if they come back with a guard or a glove but generally a fracture requiring surgery you’d think is 6 weeks minimum.

I’d be comfortable with that.

Bit sad for Phillips. I think we put a lot of faith in him tonight. Didn’t foresee that Chol would get the better of him.

But maybe gives the opportunity for Draper to get back into the side now.




Is Reid a chance?

There’s always a chance!

Rutten just said that Zaka had a tight hamstring. Not necessarily a hamstring injury.

He may be available to play.


Ha. We’ve all seen that movie before! 6 weeks.


Provided none of Stewart, Lav, Frang, Ridley are injured it would certainly be a bold move but I wouldn’t mind seeing him get in there somehow.

I say that knowing that Stewart isn’t exactly owning that number one tall defender role but just in the sense that it would be bold to drop him for a first year beanpole and wouldn’t be a great sign for him. Zerk probably earnt a few browny points last week too so shouldn’t be forgotten.

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In Draper, Smith, Wright


Basically it’s this…

We have tall options coming out our you know what but so few options (or so few good options) for our smalls.


Chol was always going to offer more around the ground than Flipper, as he is way more mobile/athletic. Flipper made some ground back later in the match with his marking, but it was a case of too little too late.


B: Hind, Stewart, Francis
HB: Heppell, Laverde, Ridley
C: Langford, Parish, Cox
HF: Stringer, Jones, Ham
F: McDonald-Tipungwuti, Hooker, Wright
R: Draper, Perkins, Merrett
INT: Guelfi, Redman, Waterman, Smith
IN: Wright, Draper, Smith
OUT: McGrath, Zaharakis, Phillips, Ambrose


He’s a genuine chance to debut so farked are we for mids now.

Hopefully the bye is enough to get tippa up but I wouldn’t expect Smith or Snelling to be available.

Out: McGrath, zaka, Ambrose, Jones (4 touches),

In: Cahill, Durham, Draper, Wright

Francis lav Stewart
Hind Ridley hepp

Cox parish ham
Draper Merrett Langford

Guelfi Wright Perkins
Tippa hooker stringer

Redman Cahill Durham Phillips (Waterman)

Injury situation is now beyond a joke.

I didn’t think Smith would be back yet

Smith should be fine after the bye.

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