Changes vs Port - Round 4 - Time to “Pay the Fine”

OUT: Saad, Myers, Bellchambers, Parish
IN: Dea, Langford, Luenberger/McKernan, Laverde

Don’t rate Saad. Wimps over the ball too much. We haven’t seen his run and carry at all. Disposal is ■■■■.
Myers is not AFL standard. I thought he was, but he just isnt.
Bellcho got absolutely schooled by a beanpole.
Parish needs to work on his skills… not the only one obviously but his kicking is deplorable.

On notice: Daniher, Hooker, Tippa, Stewart, Green

OUT: Saad, Myers, Baguley
IN: McNiece, Redman, Mutch/Guelfi

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Like it matters who takes the field for us next week.

They’ll still put in a ■■■■ weak effort same as today.

Our 2016 side would have won today, that’s how ■■■■ we were.

The club better not call the players out on it though as to not offend the “leadership” group.

Pea hearts.


brown and Myers should be made co-captains in the vfl side, then be left there for the reat of their careers


LOL, waited till the end of the post before really torpedoing your credibility


Honestly can anyone name any changes that will make any impactful change?


Roll out the cannon for Myers but I wouldn’t take my chances aiming for the sun. Just aim it at a brick wall or something.

I don’t even know where to begin. Get fkn Langford and Laverde and Francis back in. Our only choice is to roll with blue chippers and hope they somehow dilute the Essingon in the squad (cue Lav sprayin till the early morn)


It must be a virus, most of the team have it.

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Wanna see guelfi/LAV given a run in the middle. TIme to roll the dice, cant be worse than myers at this point

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Out: Myers, Brown
IN: Guelfi/Langford/Laverde, Hartley

Hooker to go back (we looked a better side with him there in the last), Stringer to play mainly forward and attend some centre bounces.


So I was all for Hooker forward…until he was moved back and had immediate impact.

Whatever changes next week, start Hooker back. Keep Stringer forward.



This is going to be a slaughter fest.

Nah, In our patented schizophrenic way, we’ll come out and drill Port next week.

Watch it happen.


Clarke for Myers and Langford for Parish.

Personell isn’t the problem with this cucked club.


Your choice of outs, there’s plenty to choose from.
Nobody over 21 comes in.

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Out: Brown, Myers, Goddard, Tippa and Parish
In: Ridley, Langford, Redman, Laverde and Clarke.

Going to be hard to make finals anyway, time to give others a chance.

We are done. Play some kids.


hooker forward worked pretty well last year.
but now we have a genuine forward in stringer, and no ambrose/gleeson, we need hooker back. our backline is deplorable.

We dont have anything in reserve to markedly improve our midfield.

No changes, other than structural, for mine.

na just kidding, myers/brown out, langford/laverde in