Changes vs Power - morose [spec] on 2020 round 17

yep there’s another game on soon, and as I couldn’t see a thread, due to everyone dissecting the season thought time to get it up and running.

sad news mozzie is out :face_with_head_bandage:
McKenna dominated in the scratch match as a mid.
Gown has a sore ankle so unlikely to debut

Out: Mosquito (inj) Gleeson, Townsend, Snelling
In: McKenna, Francis, Daniher, Phillips

B: Saad Hooker Zerk-Thatcher
Hb: Redman Hurley Ridley
C: Langford Parish Merrett
Hf: Smith Daniher Stringer
F: Tippa Stewart Draper
R: Phillips Shiel McKenna
Int: Heppell, Clarke, Francis Guelfi
Emg: Hibberd, McKernan, Jones


Francis and Phillips don’t play in the same side


Out that brainless and Clueless coach worsfold ,in rutten shows what you’re made Of

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No offence but who gives a ■■■■


Not the players


Hurley hooker Heppell out

Rest don’t care

Ps a poster is right about guarantees with players during saga 100 % fact

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Sensible changes. Noting our inability to make finals, I wonder if it would be valuable to debut any new players (or would it just crush their spirit?)

Gown Mutch Begley Jones Bryan McQuillan McBride IN

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No changes for mine.


We must lose our last two games.

Carlton, Gold Coast and Freo need to win one more game each.

If that happens we finish with pick 5.

Also, if Sydney somehow can win two out of their last three games.

We will finish with pick 4.

Just play all of the kids for the last two games. DO NOT WIN!!!


Bring in the kids.

Drop the kids and play Smack.

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I tell ya if JD and McKenna don’t play it tells ya something.

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Who gives a ■■■■ anymore

Or Blues and Demons loss all their games and we win against demons and all of a sudden it’s pick 9!

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No one actually cares anymore. It’ll just be another ■■■■ show no matter who’s in. Next.

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Why would you do that to me?

This is the only enjoyment I have left for the season.


Can we change to thread to be changes for the tennis comp in the hub?

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Throw on the academys and compo picks and it wont be much.

The changes are probably the most exciting time of the week for us. Saying that no changes for mine.

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