Changes vs Saints

Hopefully Parish is good to go. Ditch the two rucks, 2MP can give Draper a chop out as we’ll still have Stewart & Jones as forward targets.

Out: Kelly, Cutler & Phillips
In: McGrath, D’Ambrosio & Stewart

B: Ridley Reid Redman
HB: Hind Laverde D’Ambrosio
C: McGrath Caldwell Merrett
HF: Martin Jones Durham
F: Stewart Wright Guelfi
R: Draper Parish Perkins
I/C: Stringer Shiel Hobbs Heppell

Sub: Cutler

BZT unlucky, he was excellent in the VFL today but I reckon they’ll stick with Reid for now.




Honestly, Reid is just, wow. I don’t know that he’s ever played football.

Heard of football?

Or watched football?

Last time they met:

A fair bit has changed since…


Out: Kelly, Cutler, Phillips & Heppell
In: McGrath, D’Ambrosio, Bryan & Stewart

B: Ridley Reid D’Ambrosio
HB: McGrath Laverde Redman
C: Martin Merrett Durham
HF: Stringer Jones Hobbs
F: Wright Stewart Guelfi
R: Draper Parish Perkins
I/C: Shiel Caldwell Bryan Hind

Sub: Heppell

Bryan deserves a game on his ruckwork alone, he was very good today. Forward line is tall but we do not have great small forward options, until Wanganeen and Hird step up

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Will they bring Langers in without VFL? Also Heppell needs a couple off.

I think I recall it was mentioned that Langford would come back via VFL managed minutes.


Wow a good call, I’m shook

no changes for mine


When god gives you lemons,
Pick Massimo
Drop the lemons


Agree pick those mid season draftees. See what they have.

Give the fans something in this dumpster fire of a season.

Out:Parish, Kelly, Heppell, Cutler, Phillips & Waterman
In: McGrath, D’Ambrosio, Stewart, Hird, Menzie

B: McGrath Reid Laverde
HB: Hind Ridley D’Ambrosio
C: Durham Perkins Martin
HF: Hobbs Stewart Jones
F: Stringer Wright Hird (Debut)
R: Draper Shiel Merrett
I/C: Guelfi Redman Caldwell Menzie (Debut)
Sub: Heppell

If parish is ok then Menzies Debut can wait another week…

Emg: Zerk-Thatcher, Heppell, Cutler, Phillips

Doubt they bring Massimo and Menzie in straight away on VFL broadcast they thought would give then 2 weeks at VFL first.

Hird to Debut against saints like his old man and Grandad
and where Great Grand father was captain coach.

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Play the kids

OUT: Stringer

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The result will be flipped

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In Ham, Francis!



Is Parish injured??

Wouldn’t be surprised if Parish misses with his corked calf, if it responds badly they would likely not risk him as it can more easily strain as a result

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Wouldn’t be making to many changes to this squad.

Tracking beautifully at the moment.