Changes Vs Swans - speculation and anticipation

only one thing to say…



You’re dreamin

Out: Smack

Hooker forward


and you’re going to like it


Ha! It’s not going to happen… you know it.

IN: McKenna, Stewart
OUT: Colyer, Smack (inj)

Guelfi back to midfield
Stewart to be our fwd/ruck

Swans will be coming at us big time after their shock loss. Bring it fkn on!!!


Have not beaten this mob since 2011. Yep, to say we owe them is an understatement


no changes for mine.

if smack wants a career he needs to show some ■■■■■■■ heart and play through the torn off the bone hamstring so francis learns what he needs to do to get a spot.


Stewart comes in for McKernan doesn’t he?

I’d give Goddard a rest and bring in Francis.

I’d drop Coyler.

I thought Saad and Tippa looked injured so they might need to be looked at.

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CANNON: Colyer
OUT: McKernan
IN: Stewart, Francis

When’s Stringer back???

1 or 2 of Stringer, McKenna or Stewart are all chances for next week. Don’t think Francis will come in as he is not a replacement for Hooker (if he went forward). I know woosha will stick with BJ but he is a risk against the swan’s small & mobile forwards…

Going on Woosha’s presser, Franga ain’t playing.

not sure the extent of McKenna’s injury? will he be available?

Seems like Stringer is gonna be close. Though I’d be surprised if he only missed 2 games with a calf.

Not sure if Stewart plays as, i think Brown is playing his role.

But, given that the Swans played 2 rucks today, and after the reaming that Sinclair gave us in the final last year. We’d be wanting to keep Hooker playing in defence.

McKenna, Hartley, francis
Zaka, Merrett,Heppell
Bellcho, Myers,parish
Tippa,Langer’s,Goddard, McGrath

In. McKenna,Stewart,Hartley,francis
Our. Snack,dear,Colyer,mcneice

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Sydney play 2 rucks and our only real back up ruck went down.
Any chance Draper gets a run?
Sheeds would do it.

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In Stewart McKenna
Out McKernan Colyer


going by the small bit of vfl coverage I read today I would bring in a confident Hartley and chuck Chook forward.


They haven’t been playing the 2 rucks for most of the year until this week: Dean Towers is 2nd for their hitouts and he’s 189cm, Aliir has done it a bit of backup rucking too.

I daresay not much they did today will be taken as a blueprint for the future.


IN: JD, Mckenna Stringer
OUT: Mckernan Mcniece, .

Out - Mcneice
In - Francis

Out - Francis
In - Myers

Out - Myers
In - McNeice


McKernan and Colyer out are non negotiables.

Francis should be in, but won’t be. Hopefully McKenna is fit? Probably not, Stringer probably out for another week you’d think.

So depending if Hooker plays forward/back they likely bring Stewart in if they want Hooker to stay down back to mind Franklin. I don’t care which of McKenna/Clarke/Mutch/Green come in as long as Colyer is out as any of them would offer more than what he is currently.


When asked who will replace McKernan + will Hooker go forward.

"Hartley could come in or even Ridley but there is also Stewart + Stringer who could be back."

— Essendon FC (@EssendonFC) July 21, 2018

From his presser Stringer is ready

Stewart probably hasn’t earned a recall for McKernan but let’s see if he can get that early season form back.

Buddy is going to be a big problem for us. Hooker’s too slow plus Buddy isn’t great overhead so Hooker doesn’t seem a great matchup.
Has Hurley ever handled him?

The bloke on our list who I reckon has the best attributes to play on Buddy is Stewart.

  • Not great overhead, but neither is Buddy. Stewart can match him there
  • speed and agility Stewart should be competitive
  • good below his knees

Pity he’s never been tried in defence