Changes Vs Swans - speculation and anticipation

Belly went through with a (fairly soft) elbow as well, got pinged for his efforts

I just had a look at the last quarter now. Some observations.

  • Sydney got close half way through but when they were within reach they missed a few getable opportunities that last week they pulled out of there ■■■■.
  • Miller played very close to and in front of Kennedy denying him access to the ball. He really blunted him in the last. I suspect Kennedy isn’t at full power because of his back.
  • Witts won hits outs but mostly kept it scrappy and tight.
  • gc kept them honest inside and outside the contest cracking in hard in numbers but crucially not getting out numbered outside.
  • Sydney couldn’t make May accountable deep in defence either.
  • Thompson played buddy tight from in front and forced him outside 50.

Brodie Grundy would cause some problems…if he played for the Swans, the other one, I don’t think he will be an issue.

Good ole fashion gumption!
Use to have it in buckets.
Long time ago now.

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Holding Kennedy in a figure 4 lock and not getting penalised works wonders.

I’m sure he’ll be fine

If you don’t think the Swans will bring back Heath Grundy this week against a side he dominates against, then you’re an even bigger nuffie than I thought !

You know what, what am I even doing replying to you ? me

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Stewart has to come in to replace Smack. Other changes I am not sure of…

We HAVE to win this!
Whoever play, however we play
Just get the job done!

I live in Sydney and I hate the Swans more than any other team.
I hate their self-entitled fair weather fans who have no idea about the rules of the game and mainly turn up to drink white wine at a social event.
Drives me insane having to put up with cries of ‘ball’ with every tackle and the stupid ‘oomph’ sound they make at a boundary throw in.

We owe these ■■■■■■ a belting after the continual reamings they have inflicted upon us in recent times.
Will be another big box ticked and a step forward

Just smash these ■■■■■■, PLEASE.


WOBs Sydney based alterego


Woosha just confirmed Stringer will play this week.

Edited to include article


you may be right if he doesn’t get a gig this week.
i guess in theory with mckernan and brown in, you weren’t missing out on much from stewarts last few afl performances so you could hide behind the “getting him to work on stuff line”.

if he doesn’t get picked this week, you may well be right and he should at least get the suitcase out.

Good. he makes our forward line look much better just by his presence. They need to keep on him as he is always a threat. Allows others to get in with less attention.


Reading lower down in the article it says that a Mckenna is set to be cleared to play as well.

So our inclusions look to be at least Stringer and Mckenna. Massive for us.


In Stringer Stewart McKenna
Out McKernan, Colyer, BJ

Brilliant! Rapt to have Stringer ok.

Will likely go back to a 3 pronged fwd line but what that means for our midfield group will be interesting. Especially if McKenna good to go.

I’m thinking maybe they will keep Guelfi back rather than return to the wing, otherwise Parish may drop.

IN: McKenna, Stringer, Stewart
OUT: McNeice, Colyer, Smack (inj)

B: Saad Hooker Dea
HB: Guelfi Hurley McKenna
C: McGrath Heppell Zaka
HF: TIPPA Brown Fantasia
F: Stringer Stewart Baguley
R: Belly Zerrett Langford

B: Smith Parish Goddard Myers

Could just as easily be Hartley in over Stewart & Hooker fwd though.

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Double good.

Not sure I’m at WOB’s level, but then again who is :slight_smile:


I was wondering who’d come out to accommodate both Stewart and Stringer - Colyer makes sense.

I can only judge when you’ve done a post game, hammered rant. Then we’ll know.

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