Changes vs the Cats

Can’t sleep after that game. So why not start a thread about the game against the Cats.

Playing them on their home turf, can only mean good things right?

We didn’t cop any injuries which is a bonus. But I don’t know if anyone else is ready to play. Think Shiel and Snelling are still a few weeks away.

Francis a maybe?

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B: Laverde . Stewart . Francis
HB: Hind . Ridley . Heppell (C)
C: Langford . Merrett . Cox
HF: Jones . Stringer . Ham
F: Waterman . Wright . Walla
Foll: Draper . Parish . Perkins
I/C: Bryan . Durham . Guelfi . Redman

Out: Hooker (rested), Smith (omitted) & Zerk (omitted)


I cant sleep either.

Francis in for BZT

And drop Smith for snelling if he is available.

Im over smith’s 50m penalty charity.

Shiel I think is a couple weeks off but when he’s ready drop ham and put shiel on the wing.


Hooker needs a rest
Francis in


Francis need to play well in the two’s first.
No way should he come straight back in


Francis might not come in because of match-ups, but he doesn’t need to prove himself in the magoos.
In any case, we should be trying to settle our senior backs, should be trying to settle our senior everything, come to that.
And Francis is a part of that group.


Bring Phillips in and work out a strategy where him and Draper can work together, Phillips is good for a couple when played forward and we have to keep Cox out of the Ruck…if there is one thing that Truck has got wrong this year it’s sending Cox into the ruck, tonight was just madness against Gawn.


Out: Zerk, Ham, Waterman
In: Francis, Durham, Bryan

Waterman had a few good moments.

Though, there were a few instances where he had the ball outside 50, and I would have loved to have seen him have a crack at goal (knowing what a booming kick he is).

Instead he tried to hit targets inside the 50 and missed.


Shiel said he won’t be a chance to play until Rnd 19

I agree with many who have suggested Cale gets a rest. I just don’t think it will happen especially given we only just had the bye round a couple of weeks ago.

I would personally like to see Ambrose get another go. He could be a good option up forward if he is given a specific role to play. (Hard nut, lock down forward)

Smith needs to be omitted for disciplinary reasons. Zaka could be a decent straight up replacement

I thought BZT and Ham both has reasonable games. If Francis is available then BZT will probably have to make way.

Durham, Bryan and Phillips may all come into the thinking depending on VFL performances


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That would be throwing him in the deep end with Hawkins, Cameron and Rohan in the Cats forward line.

Probably was Ham’s best game for us tonight. Even tried to ride a tackle at one stage (and failed).

Still allergic to physical contact. Panics if anyone is within 10m of him. Doesn’t bring pressure. Hospital handballs. Butchers basic skills. Doesn’t look like hitting a target. Looks to have a different game plan to the rest of the team.

Out Ham, In: Zaka… Or anyone…

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He debuted against Daniher, Hipwood, The Big O etc


Ins: Snelling, Durham
Outs Hooker Ham

Play an extra small forward with snelling, smith and Tippa at feet of Wright, Jones and and 1 of Waterman/Perkins medium sized forwards while other comes from bench with stints f when Draper needs rest and wright rucks maybe Cox can play CHF
Time to play an open forward line and seperate Geelongs defenders with movement and change of angles. leading patterns and repeat efforts/entries.

Guelfi and Durham/ can hold half back/wing roles while Cox/Langford run off the other wing.

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The backline is functioning well so not sure there’s room for him down back atm, probably not strong enough as a fwd option either.

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Hooksy needs a spell and needs to be managed. Bring in Francis, Phillips or even Bryan… Bit worried about Cox’s decline in form as he appears to have lost confidence. Ham is trying harder but does not have the physical attributes required and therefore his delivery needs to be elite otherwise he is a liability. Durham could be given a look at.

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Lets see form of VFL today.
I like the idea of Bryan especially against Cats with there rucks, he would jump all over the top of them

In: Gleeson to get his revenge on Rohan