Changes vs the Orange Team again

Can we please have Draper back?

Setterfield and Stringer too.

We’re not exactly entering the game with decent form behind us.


If stringer tears up the track this week then bring him in.

If he doesn’t or is not able to then forget it


I hope they don’t drop any of the young guys.

Phillips out, based on his family being there today. Bryan and Draper.
One of the S’s for Snelling
But Tsatas, Baldwin, Cox should all play.


Draper <==> Bryan
Setterfield <==> Kelly (play Archie forward)
Wanganeen (sub) <==> Snelling
Phillips <==> Stringer

2MP to be second ruck.

But I expect no more than 2 of these changes.

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This is the game we have to go all out or its finished.

McGrath BZT laverde
Redman Baldwin Hind
Martin Merrett tsatas
Stringer Voss Caldwell
Menzie Wright Langford
Draper settlefield parish

DurhamHobbs,Perkins , Phillips
Sub . Cox

In. Voss,stringer, Caldwell,draper, settlefield

Out: Bryan(inj) Kelly guelfi Snelling Heppell (managed)


We need a centreman who can gain possession and is able to kick accurately, a KPF with attitude, and a small forward who can crumb, Walla-style.
In other words:

Why not Walla himself ?

Back to the Magoos with Perkins, Guelfi, and Smelling.

If Strings is ready, bring him in for Cox.

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Is Draper ready?

Scott said they were looking at the GWS game.

we need to get Setterfield back to give us some semblance of a big body in the middle


Perkins out after 20 disposals and a goal? Unlikely.


For the love of god, please drop Kelly.

Only spot left to try him out in is ruck


Often when a smaller guy is put in the ruck the ground level benefit is worth it, gain a more agile quicker extra mid

This would not be the case

Roll the dice and get a win

This could go two ways.
It could be an all in moment
A play a few guys we are looking at delisting to make sure we are aka Jok in rd 23 againest the pies

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I know it’s unlikely, but except for the second half of the last quarter he was pretty useless, with very few of his possessions effective ones. He is obviously NOT a midfielder, yet he was played in the centre, which is Setterfield’s spot. He should be in the forward line, but he’s not a great tackler, and what we need right now in a smaller forward is a goalsneak-tackler, like Walla.

Who would you drop from the forward line to make room for him ? Cox, perhaps ? But then someone else has to make room for Stringer.

And also, I said nothing about replacing Kelly yet, who is useless at any job except lockdown defence. I’m delighted Baldwin is in, and I’d like to see Montgomerie given a try out - instead of Kelly.

OUT Kelly
IN I don’t care, play one short if we have to


Surely we have to with Draper, Stringer, Caldwell and Setterfield all potentially available for selection.

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I’d go for that

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I wouldnt bring Voss, Setterfield or Walla in for Perkins.


Scott presser

  • Draper is now in the frame for selection against the Giants. Will be part of main training and will be watched to make sure he’s right to go.
  • Stringer wanted to play this week but to Scott’s eye, still didn’t look right enough to be selected. Scott did say that since that last training session, Stringer has further improved and they expect him to be “very close” to selection against the Giants.
  • Scott mentioned they will have some selection decisions next week but they intend to play the best team possible i.e he won’t play Draper when he’s not completely right to play when they’ve got Bryan playing great footy.