Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


Dea is still injured, isn’t he?


I don’t care who makes way but get Big Sammy Draper the ■■■■ in now!
He will instantly improve our side.


Have to bring in a roving Frang to stand in the way of Ben B and then put Ambrose on Ben B.

Waite was their only weapon against us

We’re in peak form and stepping into the dome where our style of footy owns teams.

Expect McKenna and Saad to rip em up.

They’ll get into Stringer early which is a mistake because that’ll fire up both him and Dev, they’ll spend way too much time being scared of Tippa and Raz will kick 5 because they’ll have run out of backmen to keep up with our forwardline which still has one player only at 60% of his capabilities and rising.

Perfect game to bring Draper in if belcho out, unleash his physicaility on the old man


They’ll still be freaking out over Raz given what he did to them last year (and will be glad Smack is out).


I really want to embarrass these guys in there ‘blockbuster’ home game. 2014 still burns.


C’mon, it’s been a good weekend, let’s not mention that.


Francis and Gleeson inclusions if Ridley is injured. Would add one anyway to allow McKenna and Redman to play up on a wing.
Would like Smith to play more forward. If we’re going to slow teams down in our fwd 50 we need more pressure up there. Maybe Baguley makes way.
I think TBC needs a rest. Only one of Draper or Daniher can come in, can’t see both being added.


Good weekend except for the deleting of my riveting and topical thread involving lesbians, sex and the philosophy of taking a dump in public. That thread was one of the top 10 non-footy threads started over the weekend, maybe even top 5. Maybe I should start a thread about why hot cross buns taste great on Good Friday but rubbish in January?

btw myersy will be fine and Azza is a big chance to play.


Injury report said he was available last week.


Oh ok, still wouldn’t have him in anyway. Would have Guelfi before Dea


Dea would have to be our last or second last small defender picked so that’s not saying a great deal.


If Daniher is 100% injury free fit wise he plays.

Usually absence makes a players value increase to supporters, Daniher had the opposite effect for some reason.

Seriously the man Is a star, if he’s right he’s straight in.


I’m hearing JOE has been getting HIS SOCK ready in prep for this weekend.


Reckon the coaches will give him a testing session make sure he is physically and mentally ready to come into the seniors. If not he’ll do VFL to get himself set.



Agree about Sammy
He puts his body on the line
Thats what we need


Yeah I would be happy to see him in the vfl for a number of weeks. He wasn’t with it playing jlt, I can’t see him gaining the appropriate match fitness while dealing with a calf. Let him take is time ready for the pointy end of the season.


IN: Begley, Daniher (if able to play full game), Francis

OUT: Baguley, Clarke, Ambrose (no match up for him to lock down on as Hooker will take Brown)

We cannot drop TBC. Goldstein murdered O’Brien on the weekend and if we don’t nullify him North will smash us in the clearances with Cunnington etc.


Mason Wood is a very hard running medium sized marking target. Same height as Ambrose.

He’d blow up Francis running wise.

There is no way Francis is coming in for Ambrose either this week or next with DeGoey match up.

If rumour of Ridley broken hand correct that might be his opportunity

I’d also think next to no chance of other two changes. Daniher to get managed time in VFL & Begley has only played one VFL game off his knee and was gassed in 2nd half.

Baguley also did plenty of good things, involved in 5 of the 9 first half goals for starters.

No changes unless forced by injury / player management (Belly)


There’s no way Francis is coming in for Ambrose at all at the moment, such has been Ambrose’ form.