Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday




Explain what the balance is?

Are you suggesting every sides make up is the same?


The point was made, I thought, that if you swap out one player for a player of a different skill set, then the balance in the team - your team - changes. Maybe one of us misunderstood this.


People understand that “team balance” will change based on the opponent and also the ground we play on, yeah?


Teams in today’s game don’t go in top heavy with talls as its all about pressure and run

Richmond’s playing extra smalls/mids whilst having a different balance to others didn’t leave them exposed for run

Someone suggested Francis in for Baguley which would have upset the forward balance. Pretty sure that’s what he was commenting on.

If however your midfield is absolutely dominant well then you could probably get away with it, but locking the ball in up forward is key now


In form or not, staging or not, Brown has a good record of playing out of his skin against us. Too tall for all of us in the one on ones. Hopefully Ambrose can play tight and block his run/put him off balance while Hooker and Hurley control the intercept marking. If we can keep him hemmed in we will go a long way to winning this game.
Our midfield will have to step up again and win the clearances to stop quick entries for Norf. Our defence did a great job at putting the Lions into two minds yesterday - blocking off the corridor and giving no easy options.
They will be watching Tippa closely so I expect Fanta to kick seven.


Matbe I did misunderstand.

I thought he was suggesting you can’t swap a defender for an extra mid.

That of course makes no sense.


Yep, and I get you now.
Yes, of course you can swap out for a different player, to balance up against the opposition of the week.


Innovation my friend.

Like for like or copying other sides just leaves you behind.

The best sides are generally doing something totally different to the other sheep teams so that they are always one step ahead.


I have been told Ridley has broken his hand. Will be an out.


Well it’s not even balancing up against your opponent it’s also about exploiting them.

Using the Melbourne game as an example they are stacked for players that can win the ball at stoppages but don’t spread well. So we brought players like Fantasia and Walla up to the contest to exploit that.

You have to be one step ahead of you want to be the best.


He isn’t that hard to stop. Don’t allow him a clear run at the footy, and get it to ground when he goes for it. That is literally all that has to be done, his work when the ball hits the deck is absolutely awful.

We did that last year and kept him to a single goal I think.


Well then it’s a straight swap, Francis in for Ridley


So you’re saying Worsfold is ahead of the game? Innovation?


I have always been a fan of the fact that we haven’t stacked our side with big inside mids like some other sides have.

Our point of difference is our classy small players and that’s where we need to focus our efforts.

If we can get a handle on turning the ball over so much we could blow the comp away.

That’s a big if though unfortunately.


Out: Ridley
In: Dea


It all depends on injuries. Ridley, Myers and Bellcho have ready made replacements in Francis, Langford and Draper. If healthy no changes.


Look, I actually really like dea. But surely franga is an obvious replacement


Jono loves the BIG DEA.


We will turn norf over

5 goals plus