Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


Out: Ridley (inj)
In: Francis


Draper in for Bellchambers, bloke is contributing nothing at the moment, I’d play Joey in the twos for a good 2/3 weeks to get some touch, looked out of sorts early, Francis/Gleeson for Ridley


I think I’d go Francis, Gleeson, Guelfi, Dea.


Out: TBC (rested), Bags (rested), Rids (inj)
In: Draper, Ham, Francis/Gleeson

Draper can take on the old workhorse Goldstein, and run him off his feet. I trust Draper+Clarke to get their share of taps. Bags & TBC to be rested with the decision on Bags made prior to Anzac Day game. Ham lights up Marvel with a scintillating performance. And if Francis is NQR yet, Gleeks comes in and seamlessly takes over for injured Rids. Otherwise, Ridley stays in.


I’ve seen some weird & wonderful team selection posts on Blitz but this is a corker

Well of course we can’t drop Belly given you’ve already decided to drop Zlarke as well.
Goldstein would indeed murder our non-ruckmen.

And our best chance of nullifying him is actually to play two rucks like we’ve been doing when we win.

And drop Ambrose - who else will sort out Zeibell when he tries his usual cheap shots, and make sure when Sideshow falls over there’s a reason he fell over?


In: Draper, Daniher, Langford, Francis
Out: Bellchambers (rest), Clarke (ommitted), Myers (inj), Ridley (inj)

B: Saad Hooker Ambrose
HB: McKenna Hurley Redman
C: McGrath Heppell Fantasia
HF: Smith Brown Stringer
F: McDonald-Tipingwuti Daniher Baguley
R: Draper Merrett Shiel
Int: Zaharakis Parish Francis Langford

Emg: Clarke, Clarke, Mozzie

Daniher Forward/Ruck relief

Would be hoping for Gleeson to play full game of VFL and ready for seelction following week.
Will be interesting mow much time Begley gets in the ressies.
Next week would swap Baguley for Mozzie - debut Anzac Day, then begley would be right to come in following week.


Bit risky, dropping both rucks?

I forgot about Myers. If he’s out, then Langford or Dlarke in. I’d like Dlarke to get a sustained run.


Hurley is gonna be on Ziebell. Suits him well I reckon


Shouldn’t we give Belly a rest to come up for ANZAC day? Grundy is in good form.


Maybe, but If Danihers in, would like him to spend some minutes in ruck to get into the game, as he looked rusty in JLT.
We need Belly Firing on Anzac day vs Grundy.
Draper gets a taste.
Clarke has had a couple of games, but he was just filling in for Daniher/smack.

Francis and Langford are both fringe players this week and will need to play where required - forward/def/mids to plug holes.


Ridley inj WTF? Really?


That’s what I was told last night. It surprised me but I trust it. It’s not known outside club but I guess we’ll find out today.


What about how North will handle our forwards. Do they have the defenders to shut down Walla and Fantasia?


That sux!

This kid has been amazing down back, such bad luck just as he was starting to take the game on a bit too.


Matchups vs North

  • Brown vs Hooker
  • Polec vs McGrath
  • Goldy vs Draper
  • Daniher vs Thompson/Tarrant
  • Zieball vs Ambrose
  • Wood vs Hurley
  • Cunnington vs Shiel
  • Higgins vs Merrett (unless they bring Jacobs back)


Heppell will take on Cunnington I reckon.


You would think Draper & Dlarke would have a good understanding from over the last year or 2, so it would be good for both’s development to come in together. I’m assuming a lot of Clarke’s clearances are coming from Draper’s taps.

INS: nice hot steamy Brisbane weather on Thursday night, to make those pies sweat & dehydrate & a close finish so they have to run the game out to the final second. No cruisey 5 goal wins here so they can rest players in the last qtr.


They really went after Merrett last year, cleaning him up at every contest, I hope we do the same to Higgins and protect Merrett.


Luke McDonald should cop a week


Still need a big marking forward in who can kick a bag. I’d bring Joe straight in. We lacked a bail out kick down the line or a solid target at the top of the goal square.

Can’t rely on walla kicking 7 each week to win us games as much as I love him