Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


Brown was constantly a bail out down the line, usually on the switch though which opened up ground for us.

I’ll agree on lack of strong marking target from square but we also won by nearly 50 so it’s not like it was a hinderance.

Whist TIPPA was supremely accurate, Stringer kicked 1.4 IIRC. We can share the load across all the fwds.

Daniher would have to play full minutes including ruck time first game back if they played him over Clarke. No chance.


I sort of get your thinking but don’t think they’ll bring in Draper to debut on his own with help from JD just returning.

Clarke deserves to stay given output of both ruckman last two weeks. I’d drop or rest TBC and bring in Draper if they look at a change there.


Possible you haven’t recognised the way we’re playing at the moment, or the way any side plays these days… You see, nobody relies on one specific player to kick bags to win games. Every side wants to spread the load, which we did beautifully. Walla benefited this week, last week we had 3 blokes kick 4 each.

Oh and the bail out down the line is the last resort because we haven’t moved the ball properly from half back. I’d be happy if we never saw the bail out down the line ever again.


Don’t get me wrong, Brown was great but is never going to take a strong pack mark. Taking a mark from a long kick in down the line breaks the game open. How often did you see mason cox taking one of these then dishing out a handball quickly and pies going coast to coast for an easy goal


It’s the plan B we’ve been looking for :joy:


Or is it the Plan B we deserve?


Marvel is much smaller in width than the G so it’s easier to cover off coridor, harder to pick apart zones so much more kicking down the line


exactly, which ain’t really a bail out. The entire point of the switch is to spread the zone to create space in the middle or to get to the outside of the zone to then go forward into the open side of the 50. If you’re using the down the line option as a defensive get out, you’ve already stuffed up and will get turned over. Mitch Brown’s strength is his work rate, enabling him to get to the outside of the zone and allow for fast transfer I50.


If Daniher is in, which is very likely this week.
Do we play 1 Ruck or 2 rucks + Daniher?

2 + Daniher I think we would be too tall.
And Brown was amazing last week and think we will need his run again this week.
Plonk Daniher in the goal square, Brown CHF.
And give Daniher some time rucking.

ITs then who do we decide to ruck this week

Id love to Debut Draper and Give Bellchambers a rest.
I thkink he is ready, Fresh after a week off and high on confidence.

Yes it is a risky straegy hio playing without support from Belly or Clarke.
But I’m willing to risk it.

If Daniher is cooked, Stringer could have a spell in the ruck too.
But also understand


Surely Joe plays a half, even 3/4 in the VFL, them anzac day


That’s bad for us as they’ll replace him with a competent AFL footballer.


That’d be my thoughts. Although if he plays VFL for anything more than a half, it’ll be a stretch to get up for Thursday.


Yeah, manage the minutes. I’d say a half is fine. Pull him off, recover him, play him anzac day


Feels like the best build up for him given the footy he’s missed. And VFL game is the early on one Saturday (11am), so he’ll be into recovery from Saturday afternoon.


That does make it tough though coz it still is a 5 day break.

I reckon play the first 3 quarters in the VFL then rest him for ANZAC day if he’s not selected for Good Friday


Daniher aint playing VFL. He comes in for Good Friday match.


Stringer as well. They’ll come after him from the start, and while he can look after himself pretty well, we need to send a message and say you take him on you take us all on.


Let’s face it, @bomberstan owns the Changes threads.


I’m not sure what you’re suggesting here. Is that to do with his groin recovery?