Daughter showed me this yesterday, apparently the new big “in thing” that can practically do anything you ask it

write a story about Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti kicking the winning goal to defeat Collingwood in the 2023 AFL Grand FInal which has Eddie McGuire in tears and a giant cat running loose in the stadium

It was the biggest game of the season, the 2023 AFL Grand Final between the Essendon Bombers and the Collingwood Magpies. The stadium was packed with fans from both sides, all eagerly anticipating the final showdown between two fierce rivals.

As the game got underway, it quickly became clear that this was going to be a closely contested battle. Both teams fought hard for every possession, with neither side willing to give an inch. The first half was a tense and physical affair, with both teams trading blows but unable to find the back of the net.

As the second half began, the tension in the stadium reached fever pitch. The Bombers started to gain the upper hand, with Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti leading the charge. His pace and skill on the ball was causing all sorts of problems for the Magpies defense, and he looked like the man who could make the difference.

As the clock ticked down, the Bombers were awarded a free kick just outside the Magpies’ goal square. McDonald-Tipungwuti stepped up to take it, knowing that this was his chance to make history. He took a deep breath, focused on the ball, and let fly with a powerful kick that flew straight between the posts.

The crowd erupted in cheers as the ball sailed through the air, and McDonald-Tipungwuti ran to the sidelines to celebrate with his teammates. The Magpies players were stunned, unable to believe that they had lost in the dying minutes of the game.

In the stands, Collingwood president Eddie McGuire was in tears as he watched his team’s dreams of victory slip away. He had put so much time and effort into this season, and to come so close only to lose was almost too much to bear.

As the celebrations continued on the field, a strange sight caught everyone’s attention. A giant cat, apparently escaped from a nearby zoo, was running loose in the stadium. The animal seemed to be enjoying itself, happily bounding around the field and causing chaos wherever it went.

Despite the chaos, the Bombers players didn’t let it distract them from their celebrations. They lifted the trophy high, basking in the glow of victory and reveling in the knowledge that they had made history. For Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, it was the crowning achievement of a brilliant career, and a moment that he would never forget.

as you do


write a poem in the style of Shakespeare why carlton suck

Lo! How the mighty Carlton hath fallen,
Once a mighty team, now brought low.
Their players fumble and their shots do miss,
Their defense is weak and their coach is a fool.

In days of old, they ruled the footy field,
With flags aplenty and victories sweet.
But now they flounder and their fans do wail,
For Carlton hath become a team of defeat.

Alas, poor Carlton, how thou art undone!
Thy glory days are but a fading memory.
Thy name is now a byword for despair,
As thou dost sink into the depths of mediocrity.

But fear not, Carlton fans, for all is not lost.
Though thou mayst suffer now, better days will come.
For even the darkest night must give way to dawn,
And thou shalt rise again to claim thy rightful place among the greats.


Herald sun football writers are now out of a job.


oh so now youre all on board with ai?


I’m going to feed the AI with Nino posts and create a Nino bot.


Nino Bot: Number 7 for Fremantle? Does not compute.


get some craiyon pictures for your picture book

I’m willing to overlook the “back of the net” for the McGuire tears…


joe lives!

write an afl match report where essendon defeats carlton by one point at the mcg

The Essendon Bombers have secured a nail-biting victory over the Carlton Blues by a single point at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

In a tense and hard-fought contest, the Bombers got off to a strong start and took an early lead, but Carlton fought back in the second quarter to level the scores. The third quarter saw both teams trading blows, with neither side able to gain a decisive advantage.

But it was Essendon who held their nerve in the final quarter, with some clutch kicks from forwards Joe Daniher and Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti helping to edge them ahead. Carlton fought valiantly to try and level the scores, but the Bombers’ defense held strong to secure the win.

The final score was Essendon 8.7 (55) to Carlton 8.6 (54). Daniher and McDonald-Tipungwuti were the standout players for the Bombers, while Carlton’s Patrick Cripps put in a valiant effort in midfield.

The win is a crucial one for Essendon, who are now in a strong position to push for a finals berth. For Carlton, the defeat will be a tough pill to swallow, but they will look to regroup and bounce back in their next match.

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There’s no way this stuff is good for the future of humanity.


Ok, that’s pretty cool (and incredibly scary)

Here is a Python script that calculates Ichimoku Kinko Hyo:

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# Import the necessary libraries
import numpy as np

# Define the conversion line
def conversion_line(high, low, n):
  return (np.max(high[-n:]) + np.min(low[-n:])) / 2

# Define the base line
def base_line(high, low, n):
  return (np.max(high[-n:]) + np.min(low[-n:])) / 2

# Define the leading span 1
def leading_span_1(high, low, conversion_line, base_line):
  return (conversion_line + base_line) / 2

# Define the leading span 2
def leading_span_2(high, low, n, conversion_line, base_line):
  return (np.max(high[-n:]) + np.min(low[-n:])) / 2

# Define the lagging span
def lagging_span(close, n, leading_span_1):
  return close[-n:], leading_span_1

# Define the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
def ichimoku_kinko_hyo(high, low, close, n1, n2, n3):
  conversion_line = conversion_line(high, low, n1)
  base_line = base_line(high, low, n2)
  leading_span_1 = leading_span_1(high, low, conversion_line, base_line)
  leading_span_2 = leading_span_2(high, low, n3, conversion_line, base_line)
  lagging_span = lagging_span(close, n3, leading_span_1)

  return conversion_line, base_line, leading_span_1, leading_span_2, lagging_span

To use this script, you need to provide the following input values:

  • high: An array containing the high prices of the stock or other asset.
  • low: An array containing the low prices of the stock or other asset.
  • close: An array containing the closing prices of the stock or other asset.
  • n1: The number of periods to use for the calculation of the conversion line.
  • n2: The number of periods to use for the calculation of the base line.
  • n3: The number of periods to use for the calculation of the leading span 1, leading span 2, and lagging span.

Here is an example of how you might use this script:

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# Define the input values
high = [100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130]
low = [90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120]
close = [95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125]
n1 = 7
n2 = 22
n3 = 44

# Calculate the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
conversion_line, base_line, leading_span_1, leading_span_2, lagging_span = ichimoku_kinko_hyo(high, low, close, n1, n2, n3)

# Print the results

humanity isn’t good for humanity


aside from the funny asking it left-field questions, this thing is going to put coders out of a job

“learn to code”

I don’t reckon it would pass any kind of code scans where I work. Although it would be great. Hahahaa.

Nah, working out the exact way to describe what you want it to do so it writes the code correctly is basically a form of coding in itself.


Not complicated back end stuff. But CRM or SQL tasks where plebs can write things in natural language is the future. Need someone skilled to come along and clean it up. But if a user can do 90% of it first game changer.

Something like pharmacists which are a manual check on a doctors prescriptions. AI can solve that and probably better.

Lots of change coming.

Sounds very suitable for BBlitz though. It would provide more accurate analysis than over half the posters on here are capable of and would be more grammatically correct as well.

if that’s what it takes to create some actual class solidarity, then yeah i am

the possibilities are endless

write the essendon theme song in the style of the sex pistols

Verse 1:
In the land of Aussie rules, there’s a team that stands tall
With the red and black stripes, they’re ready to ball
They fight for victory, with passion and pride
The Essendon Bombers, they’re ready to ride

Oh oh oh, the Essendon Bombers
Oh oh oh, they’re on the rise
Oh oh oh, we’ll take the flag
Oh oh oh, with determination in our eyes

Verse 2:
With stars on the field, and fans in the stands
We’ll never back down, we’ll never disband
We’ll fight for the win, and give it our all
The Essendon Bombers, we’ll answer the call

Oh oh oh, the Essendon Bombers
Oh oh oh, they’re on the rise
Oh oh oh, we’ll take the flag
Oh oh oh, with determination in our eyes

We’ll never give up, we’ll never say die
We’ll stand strong together, as the red and black flies
We’ll give it our all, and never surrender
The Essendon Bombers, we’ll reign supreme forever

Oh oh oh, the Essendon Bombers
Oh oh oh, they’re on the rise
Oh oh oh, we’ll take the flag
Oh oh oh, with determination in our eyes.