Close Encounters With Famous People

Last week, I bough a squat rack from A Gilchrist’s next-door neighbour.


I looked in the mirror


I attended a VFL game many years ago that David J Richardson may have also been in attendance at.


That’s exactly the type of encounter this thread is seeking.

This is what Diggers brings to Bomberblitz.

I skated with Jimi the Human.


For clarity, we’re you skating with J the H or skating nearby?

With. MOSS aka Melbourne Old School Skate Sessions hold regular events (since 1975). Jimi has a cool 80s street style. He occaisionally plays guitar sets at fundraisers for the MOSS water project which sends funds to poor folks in Africa who need water infrastructure.


That qualifies as an encounter. And a pretty good one.

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Ive met Nino…checkmate


No less than Saint Nicholas came to my house once, scoffed a few biscuits and half a glass of milk, left me a Bomber beanie but no ■■■■■■■ bike.

I slept through it.


Sucker. I got a bike.

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Polly Farmer asked my mother out for a drink whilst she was 4 weeks pregnant with me. She said no, she’s married (and pregnant).

Now that would of been far too close an encounter for my liking.


I got naked with Graeme Studley Cornes in a Japanese Onsen.


After your Serena comments Diggers, you are really starting to concern me

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My Parents once held a door open for a “nice young man” coming out of a Vegas Casino, as they made their way back to their bus tour. Had a quick chat with him, and went on their way.
When they hopped on the bus, everyone was asking them,
" So what’s Patrick Swayze really like then?"
Mum and dad had no idea who he was…


My closest one was when wandering down Hampstead Heath high rd, I passed a store and thought I recognized a face at the counter. Done the big backwheel/double take, and to my great surprise, Peter O’Toole gave me the most theatrical bow and smile. It was perfect. I smiled back and went on my way, rather chuffed. The man was a thespian through and through.


Roberta Williams used to frequent my dads pharmacy a fair bit for her prescriptions and I was there once while she bought some stuff. She seemed quite nice and I remember her being really polite.

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Let me start this with “This is not bullsh*t”.

I took Jnr diggers for a trundle in his pram one sunny Perth Sunday afternoon in 2008. We lived in Tuart Hill at the time and as we went around the place, we walked through the neighbouring suburb of Joondanna. We went into a delicatessen to buy a newspaper which screamed the headline “Judd Undecided”. Whilst waiting for the shopkeep to finish his transaction with the fellow in front, I picked it up and audibly uttered “Bulldust, he’s leaving for sure”. The bloke in front turned to leave and as I approached the counter I realised “fuckmedead, that’s Chris Judd” who winked at me as he walked past.

Next day he had a press conference announcing that he had decided to join the Farked FC.


Took a dump next to Michael Schumacher at the grand prix in the late 90s.


Impressed that he just stood there while you did that, I’d walk off.