Close Encounters With Famous People

Stood next to Anna Kournikova while checking into a flight at Melbourne Airport. Her attire could best be described as a one piece catsuit.


Met him and the Screaming Jets boys a couple of years back after a gig (a mate is their guitar tech). Nice fellas. Paul (the bassist) is only too happy to show you pics of his dogs, Dave Gleeson is only too happy to show you his dong…:flushed:

Met Xzibit at work one time. Cool fella, but that may be because he was high AF at the time.

Kicked Wayne Carey out of my old work once. Genuine grubby ■■■■. Former Cats and Crows forward Ronnie Burns is, too.

Got on the ■■■■ with all the Essendon boys on thier end of season trip circa 2001. Blummers and Cara convinced some drunk chick I was the new ruckman they’d just signed. Good times


A couple more:

Dave Hughes is an arrogant wanker.

Dragged out that Geelong paparazzi idiot (the one who was mayor for a bit, can’t remember his name) who was off his face one night. Talk about a FIGJAM.

Also dragged out in wristlocks former Socceroo Luke Wilkshire who was very very drunk and abusive. When he came back in complaining of sore wrists I told him he’d be fine, he’s a soccer player and doesn’t use his hands anyway. He was in town for a coaching clinic - apparently he’s a nice fella when he’s sober.



Similar stories…

Had to show Peter Bell the door one night, lucky cause he’s probably the only AFL player I’m taller than.

And I was at the EFC 2001 pre season camp on the Gold Coast. Had a bbq with the guys and then I drove MJ, Long, Rioli into surfers in my little Corolla. I had a photo of them all in the car with MJ wearing my uni lab coat and safety goggles.

Fast forward to the end of 2001 post GF pissup at the casino, I spotted Dean Rioli and he snuck me and a mate into the private function. Everyone was there, and I’m pretty sure Joe Misiti spewed in the hand basin of the toilets.


During the rugby world cup in 03 a mate of mine an I were bantering across the street with some english twats who were on the balcony opposite us. A ginger one who we were heaping copious amounts of friendly abuse upon suggested we cross the road and join them for some friendly libations. They seemed like alright lads so we agreed.

We crossed the road and attempted to access the second floor only to be stopped by some particularly burly security, and told in a crisp British accent that we were to, with all haste, ■■■■ right off.

Old ginger appears and has a word to them, upon which they ushered us through.

Ginger introduces himself to us with enthusiastic handshakes. “Come through lads, I’m Harry”.

Prince. ■■■■■■■. Harry.

I wasn’t aware that he was a vegetarian but he was certainly off his chops that night.


I’ve met Dave and agree


I was once in a corporate box at a Melbourne Storm game when a half cut Molly Meldrum came in and just made himself at home, watching the game and and ordering drinks. Our hosts were a bit befuddled. He barely acknowledged us and after about half an hour he left and didn’t come back

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I bar tendered Billy Crystal’s 70th birthday. Absolutely amazing.


I was at a work function in Sydney quite a few years back, and went to the loo.

A bloke comes in stands next to me, it was Bob Hawke.

I said “g’day mate how’s it going?’
He said ‘good thanks’

I didn’t look down.

True story.


Gee, that’s surprising.

He’s about as funny as testicular cancer too…


Something about snogging an Olympic diver.




I gave Paul Van der Haar a lift home from the Croydon Hotel one Friday night.

Must’ve been late 80’s… I was on my P’s and not drinking.

He was piissed as a newt, trying to get into the disco dressed in footy shorts and work singlet. The bouncer had refused him entry and Vander was vainly burbling the “Don’t you know who I am” line.

I was heading home, he lived not far from me (everyone in our area knew where Salmon, Van der Haar, Sheedy, Bailey etc. lived…) so I offered him a lift.

He was well-lubricated (as in plastered, just to be quite clear here… :slight_smile: ) but nice enough. He just about fell out of the car when he got out, and (as I discovered when I got home) left his smokes on the dashboard.

I think it was the off-season, but wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t…


Oh my



Had a couple over the last few years in bonny Scotland:

Was having a pint after work one Friday at the Rhoderick Dhu in Glasgow, and in walked former first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond - post sexual assault allegations and pre-acquittal. He had one very quick pint and left - potentially due to the amount of “friendly banter” he was receiving from punters. That was a good night.

Was also down the village when former Glasgow Hun player Nacho Novo lost his ■■■■:

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In March 2007, I was in London and decided to go to the T M Lewin shop near Piccadilly to buy some natty shirts. As I am standing there looking at shirts, I hear a somewhat familiar Australian accent behind me. “There’s a familiar voice” I exclaim loudly, and turn around. Its Peter Costello, still the Federal Treasurer then, just. So we have a short convo, which finishes with me chiding him “Don’t spend all the nation’s finances on shirts”, or something equally inane, LOL.

He was quite gracious, but hey he’s a pollie, being nice to potential voters is like a base level skill (or used to be anyway.)


You probably all need to sit down for this.

I see Dennis Walter at the shops all the time.


I was in an elevator with the lovely miss K. Even more striking up close than the photos. Unfortunately the elevator didn’t break down.


I said “hello” to Grace Jones at the Chevron nightclub circa 1984 (she smiled back) and three goons immediately grabbed me and frogmarched me out of the joint.