Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

I just thought now is a good time to take an in depth look at our coaching structure and assess where they are at after a 2-4 start. I think it is abundantly clear we have more talent on our list now than we have had in the past 15 years yet there is clearly something wrong with the teams mental application and want to play for eachother.

In addition to that, we clearly have one of the worst game plans in the league that is incredibly easy to coach against. If we fail to score direct from the half back turnover then we have no other avenues to goal.

Last year we were top 3 for scoring in the AFL with Skipworth as our forward line coach. He has now been moved to the midfield, I don’t get it?

John Worsfold is clearly not a brilliant game day tactician and he doesn’t need to be as Head Coach, that’s why we have assistants to help him, Mark Neeld is the Game Performance Coach…the man with a 15% winning record as Senior Coach who was well known to be one of the worst coaches in AFL history is our game day performance coach. Says it all really.

Does anyone else actually watch the ‘From The Coaches’ review sent out to members after each game. I have never felt so uninspired by a group of coaches and their inability to explain why we are playing poorly and ways to address it. Where is the passion? where is the hurt? why does it feel like no one cares? why do we keep getting this corporate bulldust speak after every loss?

Goddard was hung out to dry by the media last week for his abusive nature in the huddle, I would have absolutely loved to see that kind of passion from the coaches and in particular Woosha. You can only play the nice guy coach for so long, it’s time to get angry!

End rant - Please feel free to review the names below and their performances to date.

Football – Coaching

John Worsfold - Senior Coach

Mark Neeld - Game Performance Coach

Rob Harding - Game Intelligence & Opposition Strategy Coach

Mark Harvey - Performance Coach, Backs

Hayden Skipworth - Performance Coach, Midfield

Paul Corrigan - Performance Coach, Forwards

Dan Jordan - VFL Head Coach

Mark Corrigan - Performance Coach

James Kelly - Performance Coach

Adriano Leti - Football Analyst

Richard Little - Football Analyst

Mark Jamar - Ruck Coach


Sack them all and start again with an entirely new team.

Even in knights days there wasn’t as much confusion.

I feel things are going to get much much worse if drastic changes aren’t made


Neeld, Skipworth and Harvey into the cannon immediately. Review the others at seasons end


I have heard from a source that there are issues with the forward line players not really respecting Corrigan either. Not sure he really challenges them to improve.


What is Corrigan’s background other than coaching our VFL team? Feels like we have gone the cheap option on our assistant coaches.


I am all for internal staff promotion, but when you have two of your three line coaches (Skipworth and Corrigan) promoted from within and without spending significant time at other clubs what unique insights could they possibly offer? They aren’t well rounded coaches. On top of that Harvey is a dinosaur in coaching terms, the game has evolved and I don’t think he is up to speed.


Cheap option is what it feels like to me as well.
Is this a result of the cap on football department spending?

Are we spending that wisely? It’s almost impossible to know from the outside

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@benfti has talked up Richardson. I really really really hope he is right and this guy knows what he is doing.

Just annoying that we’ll have to wait til the end of season to find out

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I will happily kick in for the cannon

Donate to the canon flight plan


Well donating to the flight plan hasn’t got me much satisfaction so hopefully the cannon will

The people responsible should be fired out of the cannon also.

Kerr has already gone but X and the board have to have been taking the ■■■■ to have signed off on how it’s all lined up.

Amateur hour having a coaching review, pushing out McKenna and then not actually improving the coaching setup.

If you took a guess as to why it’s $$$, moving deck chairs cost us fark all and as always pay peanuts get monkeys.

Next pre season we will drink the Kool Aid again.


I would if there was one,

Clean sweep on the assistants and tactical coaches.

I’d go chasing Caracella now to slide into the senior roll and ask him when he wants to come, then get a list of assistants and tactical people he wants, as they might not be available straight away. Woosha gone at the end of 19 or 20 depending on Caracella.

Id also be happy with a clean sweep now and sign Caracella up for 19 too with entire new assistants and tactical coaches, but not sure the board or X has the balls to do it.


Well, fark me… if this doesn’t just say it all…


If that doesn’t fill you with confidence than just have a quick view of this video

B for Boring at this stage.

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Although we have holes in our current list we’d land top 6 if circa 1985 Kevin Sheedy were our coach.

Under stand the game has changed, but at the core it’s still the motivation of young men.

There’s no one across our assistants who moves me when I watch our coaching summary videos.

How do we have an influence in forcing a review of our coaching stocks and overall club leadership?

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Im not pro thw coaches per say.

But im not foe the players running the show either.
Yes they look confused, but as ive said also no coaching panel or gameplan can cover the amount unforced turnovers the senior players produce.

They also cant make the players defend better either.

The only and biggest fault the coaches have is , they dont seem to call out and make examples or senior players not perfoeming.


It has to be coaching, there is so much talent on this list but they aren’t playing the right way. Maybe now they should just go back to basics

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