Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019



i don’t know our backline is not our problem so harvey should stay


Go back to basics, like hitting targets by hand and foot ?

There is talent still on the list , but its surrounded by players who cant execute their basic functions of footballers.
Hurley cant mark on a consistent basis anymore , or hit a target.
Ditto heppell, and csnt defend due to lack of pace
Zaka is 70% chance to turn it over, 30 % hit a pinpoint pass lace out. And cant defend
Goddards skill is rapidly falling off and doesnt defend.
You’ve got daniher who mostly stands there pointing 5o kick it long , but cant outmuscle a fly and can only outjump players , but they’ve learnt to take that away from him.
Youve got myers,
The last 2 weeks we’ve had jackson fuxking merret foe ■■■■ sake.

No amount of cowching can make up foe the above players at present.

The coaches should have the balls to drop them all and that is their failing no doubt.

But going back to basics , half this team cant even do the basics cos they arent doing them now.


Mmmm… Kool Aid… it tastes nice in summer, but generally has a bitter after taste that kicks in about May or June. Must have changed the ingredients because it’s kicked in a bit earlier this year



Sack everyone, start again. This club is Fckd


Dont even need to view it. The face sums it up.


Some thoughts from the coaches review:

  1. We used Goddard as a tagger (yay!) and Oliver was pretty well held.

  2. Harvey has said we’ll continue to bring in kids (yay!)

  3. Plenty of talk about generating repeat I50s (yay!)

Now, there’s not a damn thing they could have said in that review vid that would make this place happy (maybe that Myers was sacked and isn’t allowed with 200m of Tullamarine OR Windy Hill?), but it’s nice to see a few of the key issues at least being spoken about.

Now, for them to do something about it…


that actually ■■■■■ me how they use ‘inside 50 entries’ as something to hang their hat on. The issue has never been getting the ball in there, its the absolute void of any system or structure of the entries.


But this is the whole point, they said the same things after round 3 loss, they said the same things after Anzac Day loss. Insanity - Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.


Remember in the hird era when were got like 60 inside 50s for like 15 scores?


Shove the entire club into the cannon. Fire the board and coaches first so they have a harder landing.


I’d go this personally.


Did they? (genuine question)

And we haven’t done the same thing.

Hooker has been moved back. We did use a tagger on a key opposition mid.

It just hasn’t resulted in a win.

I’m far from happy with the way the team is playing (I’m there most weeks and pretty vocal about how I feel!) but people comparing this with the last days of the Knights era have either got very short memories (you people have forgotten what a real flogging feels like) or didn’t get to many games during 2010.


Disagree, these are structural/personnel changes but the game plan has not changed in the slightest.


Hooker back was merely a bandaid solution anyway, it’s done very little good, as now JD becomes the main man which he isn’t up to.

IF our midfield was functioning effectively we’d be both generating enough entries and keeping it trapped up that end.

And defence wouldn’t have been under the pump.

The midfield strategy is not working, players are confused and unhappy. There is in fighting amongst the coaches & admin aka the Neeld effect.


True enough, and I think we are behind the curve tactically (see my ‘Small Ball’ thread for further discussion) but this is different to the utter blindness and madness of the Knights era. Round 6 is still pretty early to be expecting a radical shift in game plan.


I haven’t compared it to the Knights era. Disagree that it’s too early to change the gameplan, it’s clearly not working and goes against all modern trends and success over the past 2 years.


Knights comments not directed at you but the more general Blitz feeling. It ain’t great right now, but compared to 2010 and 2015 it’s positively tops.


exactly. And all we do is keep it into the pocket, as thats the only place where the forwards lead. What a disaster