Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

Is that the family day after our premiership win?

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We already do.

The preseason one before he did any real damage.

Bellchambers Essendons Mumford, Bellchambers makes all stand 10 feet tall.

1 year on from my original post and the same questions being asked. How disappointing


Corrigan and Harding gone at the end of the season


Disclaimer - I may have misinterpreted this article given it was written by Marc McGowan. Maybe Harding and Corrigan will leave Essendon at sometime in the future…


No Surprise with Corrigan. our forward line has struggled the last 2 years under him. Surprised by Rob Harding though. i thought they had massive wraps on him at the club.



Corrigan not surprising. Hopefully we get someone with credibility whose come out of a successful system

Can only assume Harding been head hunted for bigger $$

When his opposition strategy kept coming in as “score more total points than the opposition” they thought he might have been phoning it in a little.

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yeah but who will take over the “Inside The Play” videos on BomberTV?

I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Let’s get Lloyd, Lucas and Bewick back as designated forwardline coaches!

theyre pretty good. they obviously use plays that dont give away too much to opposition clubs but its interesting to see how they assess stuff within the club

Making way for Bomber after the acquittal?

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New forward coach &/or opposition strategist.

James Hird.


Corrigan going is interesting. I’m excited for next year’s forward line with Joey leading from the front.


Clicked on it hoping to see that Skipworth was being jettisoned into the sun but alas it’s a false dawn


The players love Skippy, but surely he can’t stay as coach next season. There must be a player liason role or something they could play him into.

and it begins