Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

You’re taking this “weak” thing a little too far, I reckon.

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Can’t work out if comedy, or Idiot?

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15 years of it, remember.


He’s always the first one to get physical when a team mate gets hurt. It’s my favourite thing about him.


Yep, if a bloke’s gonna troll, at least troll well and accurately.

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No chance,

If we hired him I’d go to family day and break his injection arm so that every tine he moved he remembers.

I happened to be at a pub last night that showed our game once the Tigers Pies game ended. It was like a car crash I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

One interesting thing I noted was the way the entire team seemed to deflat after McGrath got beaten one one by Zac Williams late in the first quarter. It was super play by Williams but what followed was absolutely disgusting. We allowed GWS to move the call from one end to the other without putting the tiniest amount of pressure on them. They kicked the resultant red time goal.

The thing annoyed me from a coaching perspective is that this particular place should have been front of mind at the break and the players would come out breathing fire at the start of the 2nd quarter. But no that didn’t happen.

Your choice, remember.


Sorry, didn’t realise we just have to accept whats been dished up and if we don’t like something we just leave.

Perhaps we could apply the same thing to migrants too?


Do whatever you like - it’s your life, man.
I was responding to someone up there intimating that it’s time to give up. Not for me, and not for thousands of people like me. I will always want the team to win, to do better, and I’ll always feel like ■■■■ when we lose. And I also have a clear idea what ‘sport’ is, and the difference between it and the more important things in my life.

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No, you responded to someone saying “tomorrow’s game cant come quick enough” by saying “6 months of it, remember”.

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Did I? You’re probably right.
Carry on, old chap!

Is that the family day after our premiership win?

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We already do.

The preseason one before he did any real damage.

Bellchambers Essendons Mumford, Bellchambers makes all stand 10 feet tall.

1 year on from my original post and the same questions being asked. How disappointing


Corrigan and Harding gone at the end of the season


Disclaimer - I may have misinterpreted this article given it was written by Marc McGowan. Maybe Harding and Corrigan will leave Essendon at sometime in the future…


No Surprise with Corrigan. our forward line has struggled the last 2 years under him. Surprised by Rob Harding though. i thought they had massive wraps on him at the club.