Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019


Brisbane 2001 says hi


I stand corrected they are the second. (Nothing worse than being the middle child except if the other, is the GCSuns.


It’s not as easy to buy a flag these days. Talent doesn;t win your premierships it’s a new an innovative game plan that does, so a lot harder for them to just stack their favourite teams with talent and lock in a sure thing like back in the brisbane days.


It’s interesting that the full list of possibles on all these threads are all ex-players who were good players (some great) with whom we’re familiar; whereas actual AFL coaching panels draw from a much broader set of candidates including dud and non-AFL players.


That list at GWS with Clarko as coach would almost guarantee a flag.

He is the architect of innovative game plans in the AFL and he would have a stable of players capable of delivering on ideas he has been dreaming about for years, where his current list can’t based on the not having the ability to execute.


Hawks won’t gurantee Clarkson a contract beyond 2019 is the speculation.

Can see the AFL next season offering Clarkson a massive contract to coach GWS reckon Clarkson will take it too has nothing left to prove at Hawthorn and will thrive at a new challenge while he’s getting a massive pay check.


Unless the bombers do a Swans and offer the same massive cheque to keep him in melb.

AFL would probably kick us out of 4 drafts if we did that.


What frustrated me is why wasn’t that effort at the start of the second there from the first bounce? team acctually had to be 5 goals down before they started to give a fck very disapointing.


I think a bit of shell shock after Richmond smashed us in every contest, took a bit to adjust I get that. Came back hard and had the wind knocked out with ■■■■ goal kicking and that FK Martin free kick.
Mentally need to be tougher and should have been able to reset and slow the game to swap momentum.


Hmmmm the boys had all week to brace themselfs for a Richmond onslaught but shat their pants

Very disapointing.


I want to see
Head coach - Woosha( just to ride out the contract)
Caracalla- Snr Assistant and Game Day blah blah blah
Pops Kelly-

Start the wheels moving. They won’t get rid of Woosha. Make it a succession plan with Blake.
Skipworth seemed to do ok with the forwards
Pops to take over the mids. Saw the way Geelong went about it. Great footy mind. Players respect him.
Harvey only cause you can’t punish a bloke when the whole team won’t defend and your guys are getting bombarded.


Skipworth lol.
Should have been in the cannon years ago


■■■■ the lot of them off. All fucken useless. Our structure on Saturday night was ■■■■ house for a local Div 3 team, for a professional team it is laughable, and unforgivable. Fucken amateurs the lot of them. I’d fire the lot of them tonight if I could. ■■■■ trucks.


tippa, raz and joey last year weren’t so bad


As long as its not Skipworth or Knightmare I don’t care who we get.

Just get rid of Worsfold. He’s completely out of touch with the modern game. Possibly a snake oil salesman.

On a side note, why the flying [email protected] is this club repeatedly late to the party? We’re like that kid at school who shows up wearing L.A gear’s when all the kids are wearing Jordan’s and Reebok Pumps.

Move the [email protected] on! Nobody wears L.A Gears anymore!


Why all the love for the poison dwarf Clarkson on here ? The little prick is like a bottle of month-old milk in the sun. Way past his use-by date and stinking to high heaven.

And then there’s Brett fugging Ratten. He was as useless as a pinhole in a franger when he captained fuckCarlton - anyway, why would anyone want a bluebag bugger at Essendon ?

Jesus wept — can’t you blokes use your imagination ? We’d be better off asking Doc Reid to coach the Club than that pair.

The bloke (bomba) suggesting Caracella, Pops Kelly and good old Harves has
a better idea of what’s needed. I’d add in Dean Solomon and NatRat, to toughen up the Mummy’s little darlings we’ve been stuck with. And Dean Rioli for skills coaching !

In amongst all the shyte, Blummers32 came up with a bloddy great suggestion:

Spot on !

Ach, what’s the point ? It’s 18 years since our last premiership, and there’s not much sign of our next coming any time soon. If too many of our players are SOFT and won’t do the hard work to earn their inflated paypackets, they’re only following the example set at the top of the Club, by the Chairmen, Board and CEOs since the Drug Saga exploded, when the Club bosses didn’t have the guts to back James Hird and stand up to FitzPhatprick, Vlad, Gillian & co., for fear of annoying the Big End of Town. If the Essington High Heid Yins wouldn’t fight for the Club then, why should the players now ?

It’ll take a lot more than hiring and firing a few coaches to bring this Club back to where it ought to be.


random late night thoughts here, but if we do sack woosh and the assistants at years end, do we have the footy department budget to go and and get a whole new backroom team.
cap is around 9.5 mill and the payouts would probs be 2.5-3mill (including need) taking up a fair portion.


You just pay the fine. From memory, it isn’t a hard cap, just the more you spend, the more you need to pay to the AFL to prop up the tin rattlers.


puma discs ftw


" industry sources suggest the current average wage for a coach is $700,000 " …

I would suggest 3 line coaches on average could be as high as $4.2m or as low as $2.1 depending on the lengths of those contracts ( surely none would be above 2 years ?). Probably Harves would be paid above average, Skip about average and Corrigan below average, given that he has only just been promoted.