Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019


yep, I agree with you, I hadn’t actually paid any attention to the Hawks stuff… more just disappointed that our notion of ‘playing the youth’ is playing 26 year olds… and a guy like McNeice is likely never to be anything more than a ‘role player’… hopefully McKenna can develop a bit more…

Anyway the reality is that we need to inject some real youth into the team… try to unearth the next batch of stars to take us forward imho.


He called our mums fat


My wife calls him Ratboy. Has a little beady eyed pointy nosed face and played for Norf so is basically asking for abuse. I tend to agree.


Worsfold and the sh*t crew have lost the players. Thanks for your service and out you go.

Open some of this membership cheque book and bring in any/some of:

  • Blake Caracella (coach/assistant coach): Has won multiple premierships as player and coach. Multiple premierships at Essendon/Brisbane. Involved as coach with premierships at Collingwood, Geelong and Richmond last year. Has the most extensive and varied coaching career there is.

  • Brett Rattan (assistant)

  • Scott Burns (coach/assistant)

  • Robert Harvey (midfield)

  • Ben Rutten (Defence)

Clear the rest of the coaches out. Hire Sumich or a few experienced coaches in the mix too.


I hope we are chatting to McVeigh. Finishing up this year and wants to get into coaching so it could be a good chance for him to go elsewhere to learn his trade


Agree, great mentor for young players.

I’d be offering him the role now to ensure he comes. Hopefully the brother connection makes it an easy sell.


Definitely worth getting. Just out of the game and a good thinker.

I think we need to overhaul the fitness department. When bomber and Hird came to the club they put them through normal sessions and the players were vomiting and knocking on deaths door, that’s why they started getting Robinson and co, to get these guys into the right shape to the play the modern game.

Time and time again our players look spent by the second quarter and lack the gut running needed at the level. Has anyone seen any of our forward do 2-3 repeat leads?
Or seen us continuously overrun teams?


For a second I thought you meant mark McVeigh not jarrod McVeigh


Finish your thoughts and Fark off!


Should be a quick end for some of our coaching staff then


Yup get some Sydney people. Ruthless, train fkn hard and rarely take it easy. Sydney motto for a long time.
I also want a coach like Scott or Clarko as much as it pains me to say. I want a post game pressure to have a massive fkn rant about how did we get treated then take out Gil for a coffee and get the rules changed.
Call out Martin and Rance, go to town on the maggots.
Pay the fine, who cares. Start showing some passion as a club, not just the playing group.




I would love for us to get Clarko but he’ll go out GWS if he leaves Hawthorn


Can’t see him leaving the city of Sydney. If he does go into coaching it will be at the Swans or GWS.


Probably, but I hope we are atleast asking


What makes you think Clarko will go to Sydney because he is Gill’s little mate?


not sure if the right place to post but is there a separate cap for the footy department and the players or is it grouped into the one cap.




Not so much his mate, but GWS are the AFL child and they’ll send clarko there and pay his salary for them. They need success and now


Clarko is the golden haired coach child. Everyone now should go to Stanford or Harvard and get a PhD in coaching. We all know GWS is the love child of the AFL and they will eventually get the formula right because money is NO object. GWS will be the very first AFL bought premiership, bought and paid for with love money.